Strawberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Start your active day with Strawberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie. Strawberry is the most popular and favourite ingredient to make fruity smoothies because of the taste and flavour that can be mix with any other fruit. I bought a box of Korea strawberries (250g) from the supermarket and I only use half in this recipe. What about the other half? Check out Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie Recipe!

How to make Strawberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry has high levels of vitamin C. It is antioxidant, prevents infection and enhances beauty. Recently medical research found out that strawberry destroys cancer cells and help prevent Alzheimer’s. Preparation time for this is 10 minutes for 1 serving.
Strawberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie


125g strawberries
125g crimson grapes
½ cup Natural Yogurt


Wash the strawberries and grapes. Split each grape into half with your hands and remove the seeds if it’s not seedless. Remove the stem of all strawberries. Process all in blender till well smooth and serve. Do not add sugar or honey in this smoothie because it will be too sweet for you. You get a good, nutritious Strawberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie.


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