Apple Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Apple Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe is here! I removed all the photos for my smoothie recipes cause I found them not attractive and boring.. I’ve tried to edit them but still couldn’t delight me! But in here, even though without the proof of images, everything was enthusiastically created by me and I give you my 100% guarantee that all smoothies taste like heaven if you follow my proportion.

How to make Apple Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

It’s simple and easy, you only need three ingredients here! I use crimson grapes with seeds here but I use black seedless grapes in my previous Blueberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe.


1 Fuji Apple or 2 small Fuji Apples (250g)
150g crimson grapes
½ cup Natural Yogurt


Wash the grapes, split each into half with your hands and remove the seeds if it’s not seedless. Use a peeler to remove the skin of the apple. It’s up to you if you don’t want to slice it off. Halve and quarter the apple, remove the core, and chunk it. Blend all in a blender until smooth and enjoy your Apple Grape Yogurt Smoothie!

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