Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

A yogurt smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. I use the other half box of strawberries (125g) in this Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie Recipe. Instead of buying a cup of smoothie from drink shop or juice bar occasionally, why not you try to make your own every day? Only 10 minutes needed. I actually run out of ideas what to write here, my blog so boring, photos not attractive and talking a lot of rubbish, can’t I just write down two sentences? Hmm..

How to make Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie


125g strawberries
1 Fuji Apple or 2 small Fuji Apples (250g)
½ cup Natural Yogurt


Wash the strawberries and remove the stem. Halve and quarter the apple, remove the core, and chunk it. Whether to remove the skin of the apple or not is up to you. Add yogurt and blend immediately as apple will turn brown if it comes in contact with air for too long. Make your own natural slushy Strawberry Apple Yogurt Smoothie today! Ohya, I’m going to stop blogging for a while because I’m going to Korea next week! Hopefully by the time I still remember my blog and can write out details about travelling to Korea. I love baking too! Will try to post some of my baking recipes here, please do looking forward for it to motivate me in blogging, I need MOTIVATION!

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