Gold Kiwi Dragon Fruit Pitaya Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

What else can you blend with Gold Kiwi? It’s boring to eat/drink the same thing over and over again. Let’s make Gold Kiwi Dragon Fruit Pitaya Yogurt Smoothie! I bought a box of five kiwis for $16 and I’m gonna eat them all today! There are three types of Pitaya (commonly known as dragon fruit) on the market: red-skinned red flesh, red-skinned white flesh or yellow-skinned white flesh. I’ve never seen a yellow-skinned white flesh Pitaya before in my lovely tropical country, only red-skinned red or white flesh. I use red-skinned white flesh Pitaya in this recipe, but you can try to use the red-skinned red flesh dragon fruit and please.. tell me the outcome!

How to make Gold Kiwi Dragon Fruit Pitaya Yogurt Smoothie


½ red-skinned white flesh Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
2 medium Gold Kiwifruit
½ teaspoon of Honey
½ cup Natural Yogurt, 40ml Water


Wash and cut the kiwi and Pitaya into half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Put both in a blender, add yogurt, honey and a little bit of water (about 40ml). Believe me, just a little bit will do. You’ll get about 500ml Gold Kiwi Dragon Fruit Pitaya Yogurt Smoothie. Still have ½ Pitaya and a Gold Kiwi left, what to do? Let’s make a cup of special Yogurt Smoothie for my mum. I blend ½ Pitaya, 1 Gold Kiwi and 1 Dole banana with the same amount of Yogurt, honey and water as above. Well, I don’t like this mixture but my mum love it. Try, try and try!!!

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