Dak Galbi Recipe Freestyle by Meli from Germany

Freestyle Dak Galbi Recipe by Meli from Germany (her minikaaa.deviantart.com). This recipe has selected as one out of five winning recipes in the Korean Recipe Global Contest Share your Delicious Secret with Super Junior.- organised by Korean Food Foundation. Thanks my friend Meli who emailed me this recipe and allowed me to post here. Thank you ^^ All photos credited to her and please try her Freestyle Dak Galbi recipe at home. Gosh, I’m hungry! P.S. This is an unusual Dak Galbi Recipe!

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Eun Hyuk eating Freestyle Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi Recipe

Well, this Dak Galbi Recipe may look complicated, but trust me: It isn’t! And it’s yummy! And with my little change totally fine for your health! (I hope so at least…) And hey, your guests will keep staring and staring. Paprika rocks, you know ^.^

Dak Galbi Recipe


Dak Galbi Ingredients

Dak Galbi Ingredients

And of course…. PAPRIKA! Green, yellow, red look awesome as you can see…

Dak Galbi Ingredients

Some personal advice a.k.a. things I personally prefer and like…

*That knife-thing there makes everything you cut look beautiful. So if you have something like that: USE IT! Especially for cutting the potatoes, carrots and cabbage…

Dak Galbi Preparation

*Try to get your hands on some saffron! Saffron is amazing and like all the amazing things it has a weaaaak point: The price. Saffron is really expensive but if you have it at home, use it for giving your meal a beautiful yellow-golden touch!

*If you can’t find it use curcuma! The Indian saffron. I know we’re doing a Korean meal but Dak Galbi looks yummier when it has a shiny yellow touch and that’s exactly what Saffron is supposed to give you (but can’t because of its rarity and price ^^). Aaaand it makes it a little bit spicier – delicious, I tell you!

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention any “1 tablespoon, 500 g …” in this Dak Galbi Recipe and if not then look again. What works best with Dak Galbi is your personal taste! As long as you don’t exaggerate with the most dangerous ingredients (like adding a cup of salt) everything will turn out yummy. So use as much as YOU want. So. Let’s start. Sorry for my weak cooking-vocabulary. I can’t do better than that ^^


1. Potatoes + some oil (the one you always fry with) + heated pan = FRY ! FRY ! FRY! Meanwhile take another bowl and…
2. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces. Since you’ll put them into the paprika, try to cut them as small as possible (same goes for the potatoes and carrots later on)
3. Add pepper, ginger, curry, your red paste (chilli / tomato), sugar (dangerous one, be careful), salt (again: dangerous! Not too much since the soy sauce does the same job), saffron (or curcuma), garlic and curry. MIX, MIX, MIX!
4. Put the mix into a pan and FRY, FRY, FRY!

How to make Dak Galbi Step 1

5. Go back to the potato pan and add the carrots along with the sesame & olive oil. FRY, FRY, FRY! ( maybe I should write stir-fry? But you know what I mean, don’t you? ^^)

How to make Dak Galbi Step 2

6. Then add the cabbage, again FRY, FRY, FRY! This is the freestyle step = you can add whatever you like. Sometimes I use some paprika as well (cut into small pieces again).

How to make Dak Galbi Step 3

7. Add onions/green onions and FRY, FRY, FRY!

8. Whenever you think it’s time, mix the two pans (the potato-carrot-etc.-pan and the chicken-pan) and STIR-FRY all the ingredients! MIX, MIX, MIX…carefully! Once finished, mix it with some soy sauce if you like it!

How to make Dak Galbi Step 4

So basically it’s only frying and mixing and adding in this Dak Galbi Recipe. But PLEASE do it as fast as you can since all these veggies start changing color if you overfry them. They’d still be delicious but Dak-Galbi looks best when the veggies still own their own vivid colors, ok?


If you want to enjoy a WARM meal, you’ll have to do all the following steps BEFORE you start frying. Don’t forget that! There are 2 ways of cutting your paprika as you can see in the picture. I personally prefer the first one, but the second one is funnier to eat. Both versions rock actually…Paprika for president!

How to make Dak Galbi Step 5

How to make Dak Galbi Step 6

If your paprika doesn’t stand on its own “feet”, cut it slightly! SLIGHTLY! No problem if you damage it and cause a hole but when you try to fill it the oil takes over and starts troubling your final result! Anyway, fill the paprika with your pan-mix and *tadaaaa* ! That’s it!

How to eat Freestyle Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi
Dak Galbi
Dak Galbi
Dak Galbi
Dak Galbi

HOW TO EAT! No, not stupid! This point is actually really important especially if you offer the meal with rice! People might tend to put the paprika aside and eat the filling! So give them advice. Eat it like a sandwich = bite into it and eat the paprika along with the filling! It tastes…like a dream! Really!!! And people won’t waste the paprika. And if you’re a fan of presenting what’s inside put some dak-balgi without paprika into a corner (but paprika rocks, you know…) – like this…

Dak Galbi

Serve and enjoy ! Yay!

Going for the extraordinary…

You can add some CHEESE on top and heat the filled papricas (is that what you call them?) in the oven! 10 minutes and 180°C – wuaaaah! Some yummy challenge for your enzymes! By the way, some creativity makes your meal look even cooler! Let your mind play wild!

Dak Galbi

*I LOVE Meli’s Dak Galbi Recipe! Just like what Meli said. Be fun and wild. Create your own Dak Galbi Recipe!


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