My Korean Grammar & Usage Note #9: -(으)ㄴ/는데요 Predicative Sentence Ending

We use -(으)ㄴ/는데요 to introduce or explain a situation before you ask a question, give an instruction or propose an action. It has the effect of making a phrase sound a little softer than the regular.

01 Present Tense

Adjective + -(으)ㄴ데요

좋다 (to be good) 좋은데요
작다 (to be small) 작은데요
많다 (to be many) 많은데요
피곤하다 (to be tired) 피곤한데요
바쁘다 (to be busy) 바쁜데요
예쁘다 (to be pretty) 예쁜데요


If the adjective stem ends with a vowel (no batchim), -ㄴ데요 is added.
If the adjective stem ends with a consonant (with batchim), -은데요 is added.
받침 (batchim) is the consonant which added below a normal syllable.

Irregular form ‘ㄹ’

멀다 (to be far) 먼데요


Irregular form ‘ㅂ’

덥다 (to be hot) 더운데요
춥다 (to be cold) 추운데요


** For ‘이다 (to be) or 아니다 (to be not)’, -ㄴ데요 is used.

이다 (to be) 인데요
아니다 (to be not) 아닌데요



배가 고픈데요. 밥을 먹읍시다.
baega gopeundeyo bapeul meogeupsida
I’m hungry. Let’s eat.

이거 좀 작은데요. 다른 걸로 바꿔 주세요.
igeo jom jageundeyo dareun geollo bakkwo juseyo
This is a bit small. Can I change it for something else please?

I’m a foreigner.

Verb + 는데요

-는데요 is added directly to the verb stem, regardless of whether the verb stem ends in a vowel or a consonant (with/without batchim).

오다 (to come) 오는데요
쓰다 (to write) 쓰는데요
듣다 (to listen) 듣는데요
찾다 (to find) 찾는데요
있다 (to have) 있는데요
없다 (to not have) 없는데요


Irregular form ‘ㄹ’

놀다 (to play) 노는데요
알다 (to know) 아는데요
살다 (to live) 사는데요
만들다 (to make) 만드는데요


02 Past Tense

Verb/Adjective + 았/었는데요

Change the verb/adjective into the past tense first. Then drop 어요 and add 는데요.

오다 (to come) 왔는데요
듣다 (to listen) 들었는데요
찾다 (to find) 찾았는데요
있다 (to have) 있었는데요
없다 (to not have) 없었는데요
좋다 (to be good) 좋았는데요
춥다 (to be cold) 추웠는데요
피곤하다 (to be tired) 피곤했는데요
바쁘다 (to be busy) 바빴는데요
멀다 (to be far) 멀었는데요



I’ve made a reservation.

어제 전화했는데요. 왜 전화 안 받았어요?
eoje jeonhwahaetneundeyo wae jeonhwa an badasseoyo
I called you yesterday. Why didn’t you pick up the phone?

지갑을 잃어버려서 왔는데요.
jigapeul ireobeoryeoseo watneundeyo
I’m here because I lost my wallet.

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