Korean Vocabulary #17: Korean Food (Seafood) 해물

Seafood 해물 haemul
Seafood barbeque 해물바베큐 haemulbabekyu
Grilled eel 장어구이 jangeogui
Grilled croaker (fish) 조기구이 jogigui
Grilled pollack 북어구이 bugeogui
Kimchi and mackerel
stew in an earthen pot
김치 고등어 뚝배기 gimchi godeungeo
Sashimi hoe
Squid sashimi 오징어회 ojingeohoe
Squid sashimi in cold broth 오징어물회 ojingeomulhoe
Crab stew 게감정 gegamjeong
Seasoned raw crab 게장 gejang
Stuffed squid 오징어 순대 ojingeo sundae
Fish jerky 어포 eopo


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