1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #3

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 61-90
to be cute 귀엽다 gwiyeopda
to go out 나가다 nagada
to learn 배우다 baeuda
to find, to look for 찾다 chatda
to be healthy 건강하다 geonganghada
to like 좋아하다 joahada
to be good 좋다 jotda
to be cool 시원하다 siwonhada
to understand 이해하다 ihaehada
to be many 많다 manta
to confess 고백하다 gobaekada
to be sick 아프다 apeuda
to introduce 소개하다 sogaehada
to be expensive 비싸다 bissada
to answer, to reply 대답하다 daedaphada
to drive 운전하다 unjeonhada
to be near 가깝다 gakkapda
to be far 멀다 meolda
to love 사랑하다 saranghada
to be comfortable 편하다 pyeonhada
to be spicy 맵다 maepda
to practice 연습하다 yeonseuphada
to be slow 천천하다 cheoncheonhada
to be fast 빠르다 ppareuda
to open 열다 yeolda
to close 닫다 dattta
to promise 약속하다 yakssokada
to send 보내다 bonaeda
to be good looking 잘생기다 jalsaenggida
to be ugly 못생기다 motsaenggida

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