Blueberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Gosh! I feel like I’m a genius in making fresh fruits yogurt smoothie. It’s my first time to make this purplish Blueberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie and the outcome was delectable. “Yogurt never tasted so good!” I love the natural sweetness and the colour! I was wondering what to make for today’s breakfast yesterday evening at the supermarket and I found blueberries and grapes. I don’t know both can be matched so well! And among crimson, black and green grapes, I picked the black one. The cost of making this drink is fairly high as Blueberries are expensive. I bought it at supermarket at $12 for 125g and grapes at $5 for 250g.

How to make Blueberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie


150g seedless grapes
100g Blueberries
½ cup Natural Yogurt
¼ cup of Water


Just wash the fruits and “throw” everything in a blender and blend, no cutting needed! You’ll get about 500ml of Blueberry Grape Yogurt Smoothie. You can add ½ teaspoon of Honey if you want to and do not put too much of water, ¼ cup is more than enough. If you consider for the rich nutrients and health benefits, the price is definitely “Worth It!”

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