Weight Loss Black Bean Congee Recipe

Many health benefits can be gained from black beans. Black beans are helpful in weight loss by reducing hunger cravings due to its high fibre content which is quite filling. In Asia, they are widely used for improving skin and keeping a healthy diet. And … and … and … most importantly, black beans are inexpensive, healthy and tasty! It can easily be purchased at any store.

How to cook Black Bean Congee

Weight Loss Black Bean Congee


150g rice
100g pork loin cutlet
50g black bean


Wash and soak black beans in a large bowl of water overnight or approximately 6-8 hours. Use a sharp knife to remove the thin layer fat of the pork loin cutlet and chop it like how I did in Weight Loss Pork Congee Recipe. However, it does not need to be marinated in this recipe. Bring water to a boil. Add rice, black beans and cook until tender. Pre-soaked black beans usually take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to cook. Routinely check the water level during cooking, if you run out of water, the congee will start to burn and acquire a burnt, smoky taste. Add pork and cook for another 5 minutes then serve!

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