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Best Massage in Koh Samui: East by South Spa and Massage

Are you looking for the Best Massage in Koh Samui? Cheap and professional real Thai massage? Look no further, go to “East by South Spa and Massage”. For the 4 days 3 nights Koh Samui trip, we ended our days with a Thai massage every day because our bodies were in pain. We had been walking and travelling for many hours and our muscles hurt badly. A good massage will allow our muscles to relax and help relieve the pain.

East by South Spa and Massage Koh Samui

Best Massage in Koh Samui: East by South Spa and Massage

We have been to three massage centers in Koh Samui and we think that “East by South” is the Best. The masseuses are extremely professional, skilled and experienced. We went there twice for Traditional Thai massage and Oil Massage. The little masseuse was powerful as I could feel the pressure on my body. There were a few times throughout the massage that were slightly painful but it was effective. The massage was so wonderful and I felt so relaxed. It was like hitting the reset button on my body and I was able to enjoy again fully my vacation.

Foot and shoulder massage and Thai traditional massage usually cost about 200 Baht an hour. Oil massage costs 350 Baht an hour. The video above was taken at D’s Spa massage center, which I do not recommend. I felt that the masseuse was just applying lotion on my feet instead of massaging them thoroughly though she was friendly and smiling all the time. I had a great holiday in Koh Samui. Thank you, my friends.