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Where to eat in Koh Samui: Copacabana Seafood Restaurant

A question to ask again and again – where to eat in Koh Samui? This is the last entry of my trip to Koh Samui, yeah! *giving myself a pat on the shoulder*. That day, we were a bit disappointed that we could not go to Angthong National Marine Park for snorkeling, kayaking and sightseeing. We arrived at our hotel about 11.00 pm and bought a few bowls of warm Thai style noodles soup from a hawker. It was fortunate that the boat did not sink in the ocean. When we were savoring the noodles, coincidentally, on the television screen we saw “Titanic” followed by “Life of Pi”. We took a rest and went kayaking at the beach near our hotel, 200 Baht an hour. It was quite boring but we had nothing else to do. We then took our lunch at one of the restaurants. I do not remember the name of the restaurant but the pizza and glass noodles salad were great, tasted like homemade.

Chaweng Beach Restaurant

Lunch at Chaweng Beach

Copacabana Seafood Restaurant

Copacabana Koh Samui

At night, we still had a large sum of money left with us due to the refund of the trip. My friend suggested that we could have a fancy dinner. So, we went to a restaurant located right on the Chaweng Beach Road named, Copacabana. They have Thai food – Tom Yam Soup, Yellow Curry, Red Curry, Massaman Curry, Green Curry, Penang Curry, Fried Rice, Fried Cashewnut, Fried Garlic Pepper, Spicy Seafood Salad, Spicy Glass Noodle Salad, Phad Thai – for only 99 Baht. We ordered the seafood set for 6.

Dinner at Copacabana Koh Samui

  • 3 Lobsters or 1 King Crab
  • 1 Snapper
  • 6 Tiger Prawns
  • 3 Blue Crabs
  • 3 Calamari (squids)
  • Clams
  • Mussels
  • Potatoes
  • Corns
  • Salads

Cooked in any style – 2580 Baht

Koh Samui T-Shirts

After dinner, I bought two Koh Samui t-shirts for my parents. The cheapest I found was 200 Baht each. Everything in Koh Samui is slightly more expensive than in Bangkok. The next day, the minivan picked us up at our hotel at 6.00 am. We took the same transportation and the same amount of time to reach home.

  • Minivan (from Tango Beach Resort to Koh Samui Ferry Port): 40 minutes
  • Ferry (from Koh Samui Ferry Port to Seatran Ferry Port): 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Bus (from Seatran Ferry Port to Surat Thani Airport): 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Plane (From Surat Thani Airport to LCCT Airport): 1 hour 25 minutes

My Koh Samui trip ended with a beautiful, meaningful and memorable full stop.