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Koh Samui Surat Thani

Sunway Pyramid Money Changer: Spectrum Forex Money Changer

I am not happy and a little bit worried now. I have just received a letter from ACCA requesting for the annual subscription fees, which is 205 GBP. I am considering not paying anymore. Shall I? It has been three years since I graduated and I have not applied for a job yet. So I am considering dropping it and follow my dream. I would like to start a new way, a way that makes me feel alive. Let’s stop talking of this and yeah! I am going to Koh Samui this Saturday! I still have not started to write the journals of my Hong Kong and Macau trip. Why am I always procrastinate?

Sunway Pyramid Money Changer

Thai Baht

As I said in my previous entry (Where to Exchange Currency | Money Changer Sunway Pyramid | Exchange Rate MYR to HKD), there are three money changers in Sunway Pyramid, Spectrum Forex, Millenir Enterprise and Naz-Syah Trading. I would like to buy 5000 Thai Baht for my 4 days 3 nights trip. Again, my standard question for exchanging money “I would like to buy 5000 THB, what is the best rate you could give me?” At Millenir, the exchange rate display board showing 10.30 for buying THB, and they did not offer me a better rate. At Spectrum, the exchange rate display board showing 10.27 for buying THB. The guy there has offered me a better rate which is 10.25. Ok, I know it is just 2 cents, but that still matter, lol. Spectrum Forex Money Changer always gives the best rate.

Spectrum Forex Money Changer

Spectrum Forex Money Changer

Licensed money services business.

Lot 2.61 LG2 Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: 03 7492 2070/ 03 7492 2720

Exchange Rate RM to Thai Baht: 0.1025
THB 5000 x 0.1025 = RM 512.50

For my travel itinerary, go to Airasia Promotion – Cheap Flights to Koh Samui. Anyone same flight with me?