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Chao Yan Cuisine

Love Teochew food? Look no further, go for Chao Yan Cuisine, located in “The Curve” shopping mall. Do not be frightened by the grand outlook of this restaurant. The price is quite reasonable. If you are concerned, you can go for their set lunch which available from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 6pm (except for public holidays). FREE Teochew snack and herbal tea. Try “Teochew stewed duck leg with rice” RM 17.90, “steamed minced pork with water chestnuts and dried squid rice” RM 16.90. For health concern, add RM 1 to change brown rice. Other than rice, there are porridge, noodle and fried noodles as well such as “fried Teochew white rice cake” RM 16.90, “braised Teochew noodle thread with baby oyster” RM 19.90, “vegetarian boiled porridge” RM 11.90 and more. I think there are more than thirty choices to choose from for. Chao Yan Cuisine is a good place for family’s dinner of you do not know where to eat. You can order dishes like “Teochew assorted stewed duck” RM 36, “stir-fried chicken with sichuan pepper” RM 20, “fried Loofah pancake” RM 20. They also have stewed soups such as “stewed old yellow cucumber with sliced pork” and “stewed watercress soup with sliced pork” both cost RM 10. Their menu is as thick as a book. Chao Yan Cuisine I have spent about 10 minutes to glance through their menu. In Teochew cuisine, both “braised peanut” and “braised salted vegetables” whet your appetite. Try Chao Yan Cuisine steamboat set! Minimum for 2 persons, but I think it’s more than enough for 3 persons. Beef, seafood, pork or assorted steamboat set, prices ranging from RM 39.90 to RM 119.90. You can choose the soup base; for Teochew soup it’s FREE but for Chinese herbal soup, Ying Yang soup, hot and spicy soup or Miso soup, you need to pay extra. If you feel the soup is salty, you can ask them to add water. The staffs there are very friendly. The steamboat does not come with rice; you have to order separately, for fragrant rice, it’s RM 2 for one bowl. Finish off your meal with Chao Yan Cuisine’s desserts! Choose from “Chinese herbal jelly with honey” RM 8 or “rice dumping in sesame soup” RM 7, or “Strawberry/Mango/Honey dew sago lou” RM 10 or “Deep fried yam coated with sugar” RM 8. Their chef recommended “Teochew sweeten mashed yam with gingko nuts” RM 6 melted my heart. Their drinks are a little bit expensive, normal “soya bean” or “sugar cane with chestnuts” cost me RM 5 per cup. Even just a cup of water with a small piece of lemon cost RM 1.2. But for its environment and delicious food, it’s worth. Last but not least, No MSG is added in Chao Yan Cuisine dishes as the preservation of the original food taste is their top priority. Address: Lot 128, first floor, the Curve, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Phone: 03-7725 8287.