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Dining in Bangkok: Belguardo Italian Restaurant

If you are searching for a quick and filling Italian buffet right in the heart of downtown Bangkok at a friendly price, then Belguardo Italian Restaurant at Siam Paragon may be what you are looking for. It was launched early in 2006 with the aim of offering a unique lifestyle experience at Siam Paragon shopping Mall. The owners are striving to make Belguardo the best of its kind. Only the freshest of ingredients go into the cuisine, which has been created by the Italian Master Chef. Only state-of-the-art equipment is used in the kitchen. Only the finest wines are available. Only the best-trained staff provide unobtrusive but personalized service.

How to go Belguardo Italian Restaurant

Belguardo Italian Restaurant

Belguardo Italian Restaurant

2010 Thailand’s Best Restaurants, Belguardo Italian Restaurant is located in the G Level of Siam Paragon, which is accessible directly from the Siam BTS Station.

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How to go Belguardo Italian Restaurant

Belguardo Italian Restaurant & Wine Lounge

991 Siam Paragon Centre, Ground Floor
Open: 11 am to 11 pm every day
Tel: 02-610-9380

Belguardo Italian Buffet

All you can eat Italian Buffet at Siam Paragon, every day from 12 pm to 10 pm, 399 Baht++ (half price for children under 10 years old). Prices are subject to 10% service charge and government tax.

Belguardo Italian Buffet
Belguardo Italian Buffet
Soup of the day
Belguardo Italian Buffet
Belguardo Italian Buffet
Belguardo Italian Buffet
Grilled Salmon Steak
Belguardo Italian Buffet

 1. Appetizers (self-service)

a. Parma Ham
b. Mixed Cold cut
c. Marinated Salmon
d. Capresse
e. Italian Sausage
f. Mixed Grilled Vegetable
g. Bake Spinach
h. Bake Eggplant
i. Steamed Newzealand Mussel
j. Newzealand Mussel Fritti
k. Dory Fritti

2. Soup of the day (order with waiter)

3. Salads (order with waiter)

a. Tuna Salad (Mixed salad, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Onion)
b. Caesar Salad (Mixed salad, Anchovie, Bacon)

4. Pastas (order with waiter)

a. Spaghetti
b. Fettuccine
c. Penne

Selection of Sauce:

a. Bolognese (Beef Sauce)
b. Carbonara (Bacon Egg Yolk)
c. Clams (Garlic Olive Oil)
d. Pescatora (Spicy Tomato Seafood)
e. Salmon Sauce (Cream Sauce)
f. Alfredo (Mushroom Cream)

5. Pizzas (self-service)

a. Margheriya
b. Seafood
c. Hawaii

6. Dessert (self-service)

a. Mixed Fresh Fruits
b. Cake of the day

Buffet with One Mail Course

1. Grilled Salmon Steak


2. Girlled Norwegian Mackerel (Saba)


3. Grilled Korubuta Pork Chop

599 Baht++

Notification to Belguardo Customers:

1. Eating time for the buffet is 2 hours per person
2. It is not allowed to share the food from the buffet with customers eating a La Carte Menu at the same table.
3. Excessive food left over will be charged accordingly.
4. Restaurant reserves the right to change or replace any item without advance notice due o shortage of supply.

Siam Square Outdoor Night Market

There is a night market (Siam Square Outdoor Night Market) opposite Siam Paragon (which is just across the road). Take a walk there after dinner.

5 May 2013

I had a very busy morning. I woke up early in the morning worrying about the election. I prayed for everyone in Malaysia. I hope everyone will be safe and sound, unharmed and whole. Though the result is not out yet, but I am very calm now. Thanks to P’Aun, P’Laek and P’Aek. As usual, I went for a walk in the morning. This morning, P’Aun walked with me. He followed me when I was leaving the hotel. I was really shocked! He asked for my phone number, my Facebook and also my email. He even asked me to go night market with him. I told him I would think about it because I was afraid of upsetting him. However, I rejected his kindness. I am sorry. It was raining heavily. Thanks to the rain, thanks to the dangerous construction beside the hotel, I got a car ride with P’Aek and P’Laek to the police station. Though I did not talk to them in the car but I was very happy. I felt very warm inside. They do not treat me as outsider now. They are very friendly and nice.