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Chinese Dessert: Black Sesame Soup Recipe

The first thought that comes to mind when I hear about black sesame soup is a picture of black, long and healthy hair. Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of essential vitamins. It is one of the secrets that Asian women stay young always.

How to make Black Sesame Soup

Black Sesame Soup


150g black sesame seeds
4 tablespoons short grain rice
6 cups water
200g cane rock sugar


1. Soak rice with 1 cup of water for at least an hour. Then, blend in a blender until fine. Set aside.
2. Stir-fry black sesame seeds until fragrant. Then, blend in a blender with 1½ cups of water.
3. Bring 3½ cups of water to a boil and dissolve the rock sugar in it.
4. Add blended black sesame and boil again.
5. Add blended rice and stir until thick and sticky.
6. Serve hot.

Black sesame benefits:

Many health benefits can be obtained from black sesame. However, the reason I love black sesame is because they promote longevity: antioxidants, anti-aging, improving skin, prevent gray hair and help hair stay thick and dark.


Other types of rice such as long grain rice, brown rice, black rice and millet can substitute short grain rice in this recipe.

How to cook Black Sesame Soup

I’ve discovered that this soup is quite similar to Korean black sesame rice porridge (깨죽). I shall compare their tastes one day. As far as I know, Chinese black sesame soup is served as a dessert as it tastes sweet. On the other hand, Korean black sesame porridge is served as a savory as it has a salty flavour.