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Dining in Bangkok: BanRie – The Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok

On our last night in Bangkok, sister and I decided to dine at Banrie Bai Kra Prao Bork, an open air restaurant near the Ekamai BTS station and on the corner of Soi Sukhumvit 63. We have been there a few times and we think it is the Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok.

BanRie Ekamai

BanRie Ekamai

The origins of Lanna Food “Thai Yuan” (Sao Hai, Saraburi).┬áThai-Yuan people originated in Chiang Saen (Yonok Nakon), which was an important city-state of Lanna Kingdom. It had been flourished in administration, religion, and art and cultural until 1804. In the period of Rata nakosin, Rama I, approximately 23,000 Chiang Saen people were split into 5 groups and migrated to many city-states, including Saraburi province. They brought cultural heritage of existence, dressing, tradition, colloquialism, written language, and entertainment, including traditional food. Lanna food is similar to Northern Thailand’s food. They use the natural ingredients for their cooking, such as tomato for attractive color, tamarind juice for sour taste and non-seasoning powder food or non-preservative food.

How to go BanRie Ekamai

Bangkok SkyTrain Map Ekkamai

Where is BanRie Ekamai

BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line Ekkamai Station (E7), Exit 1. Near Gateway Ekamai, Major Cineplex Sukhumvit, Eastern Bus Terminal, That Thong Temple, etc.

BanRie Spicy Soup with Shrimp (Tom Yum Kung)

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable

BanRie Grilled Prawn

The staffs are very friendly, good and efficient, and all you need to do is point at the menu which is in both English and Thai. If you do not speak Thai there is always someone who speaks English, but since this is a Thai restaurant and their English may not be perfect. We ordered Spicy Soup with Shrimp (Tom Yum Kung) – 350 Baht, Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable – 150 Baht and Grilled Prawn – 450 Baht. A very pleasant and enjoyable night in Bangkok.