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All bark and no bite

Have you heard of “all bark and no bite”? It describes someone who often says something that injures or capable of injuring the feelings of others, but underneath, that person has a soft personality. It’s similar to a Chinese idiom which literally means “a mouth as sharp as a knife but a heart as soft as tofu”.

Do you have friends or have you ever met someone like this? I believe that a person with a sharp tongue has a soft heart or a hurt and bruised soul. No matter how bad a person talks to me, I always forgive and forget. I try not to hear anger, harm, hatred and resentment but to listen for the meaning behind the words. I always try to discern in somebody a deep sense of inner frustration or loneliness.

I cherish everyone that came into my life. I believe in fate and fate is strange. You may meet certain people at certain period of time. After that, you may or may not see them again. So I love, care and appreciate every moment I spend with them even though I may just remain a memory to them in the future.

Listen for the meaning

Reading is one of my hobbies. From a book, I read that human beings are reluctant to voice out the “S.O.S” or “Help me, I need help!” when they are in dire straits. They rather react in anger, in sulkiness, in sarcasm or in some way that may attract other’s attention.

Don’t hear evil,

“I hate you.”
“Mind your own business.”

Hear the desperate plea that says,

“Please love me. I’m hurt, I’m lost and I’m lonely.”
“Help me, I’m lonely and I need love.”
“I’m hurt on the inside. I don’t know how to deal with this problem. I don’t want to talk about it because I’m ashamed. Help me to overcome this problem, please.”

All bark and no bite.

*나는 오늘*

내가 한국어를 공부하는 한 가지 이유는 이렇게 한국어로 쓰고 싶어서 ~~~ 오늘 생각은 ‘입은 칼인데 마음은 두부다’ 이다 – 말씨는 칼처럼 날카로워도 마음은 두부처럼 부드럽다 – 내가 말씨는 칼처럼 아닌 것 같지만 마음은 두부처럼이니? 날카로운 입을 부드러운 입로 바꾸고 부드러운 마음을 날카로운 마음로 바꾸면 좋겠다 ㅠ 진작 알았으면 친구들 말을 듣는 건데… 왜 그렇게 조심하지 못하니!

Today, I…

One of the reasons I learn Korean language is because I want to write Korean like this ~~~ my thought for today is “a mouth as sharp as a knife and a heart as soft as tofu.” – Sharp in one’s speech like a knife and soft in one’s heart like a tofu. – I don’t think I have ever spoken sharply to anyone but is my heart a tofu? I wished I could change sharp tongue to soft tongue and soft heart to sharp heart. I should have listened to my friends… How careless am I!