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Follow my dreams.
Don’t let go, be strong.
Let love lead through the darkness.

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Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss Locations After 50 Years

We found something interesting on Youtube, the filming locations of Bruce Lee’s 1971 The Big Boss after 50 years! Yes, it is 2021 now and someone actually travels to the filming locations, make videos and uploaded to Youtube. It is really amazing to see the trees, the rocks, the river and the waterfall still remain almost the same as if it’s taken 50 years ago. Can you imagine? 1971 VS 2021, 50 years! That’s half a century.

The Big Boss was Bruce Lee’s first major film after he went back to Hong Kong. It was also known as Fists of Fury here in the United States. It was also the movie makes Bruce Lee became a super stars in Hong Kong and then everywhere in the world. It is just so epic to see the location still remain almost the same after 50 years. Check out the video here and check out the place where the King of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee, once sat on!