My Korean Grammar & Usage Note #5: -(으)ㅂ시다 Let’s…

We use -(으)ㅂ시다 to express a suggestion or proposition; to express agreement with or acceptance of another’s suggestion.

01 Let’s…

Verb + (으)ㅂ시다

If the verb stem ends with a vowel (no batchim), -ㅂ시다 is added.
If the verb stem ends with a consonant (with batchim), -읍시다 is added.

가다 (to go) 갑시다
자다 (to sleep) 잡시다
마시다 (to drink) 마십시다
쇼핑하다 (to shop) 쇼핑합시다
읽다 (to read) 읽읍시다
먹다 (to eat) 먹읍시다

02 Irregular Forms

Irregular form ‘ㄷ’

듣다 (to listen) 들읍시다
걷다 (to walk) 걸읍시다
묻다 (to ask) 물읍시다
닫다 (to close) 닫읍시다
받다 (to receive) 받읍시다

Irregular form ‘ㄹ’

알다 (to know) 압시다
살다 (to live) 삽시다
놀다 (to play) 놉시다

03 Let’s not…

Verb + 지 맙시다

The negative form is -지 맙시다. It is added directly to the verb stem, regardless of whether the verb stem ends in a vowel or a consonant (with/without batchim).

수영하다 (to swim) 수영하지 맙시다
듣다 (to listen) 듣지 맙시다
보다 (to watch) 보지 맙시다
나가다 (to go out) 나가지 맙시다
놀다 (to play) 놀지 맙시다
쓰다 (to write) 쓰지 맙시다

04 Examples

영화를 봅시다.
yeonghwareul bopsida
Let’s watch a movie.

제주도가 아름다우니까 제주도로 갑시다.
jejudoga areumdaunikka jejudoro gapsida
Let’s go to Jeju Island, because Jeju Island is beautiful. *Jeju Island 3 days 2 nights

내일 만나지 맙시다.
naeil mannaji mapsida
Let’s not meet tomorrow.

비가 오니까 밖에 나가지 맙시다.
biga onikka bakke nagaji mapsida
Let’s not go out, because it’s raining.

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