Kuih Kapit Wholesale KL or Penang

Let me introduce you one of the most delicious Chinese New Year biscuit in Malaysia, the Kuih Kapit. Also known as Love Letter Biscuit, is a must-have in many Chinese households during Chinese New Year. The biscuit is usually not available after the festival. My mum brought a container of more than 100 pieces Kuih Kapit for me from my uncle house. This nicely packed Kuih Kapit was made by my uncle at Sungai Bakap, a small town situated in Seberang Prai Selatan, Penang. ItĀ tastes like the one my grandma made.

My Grandma’s Kuih Kapit Recipe

My Grandma’s Kuih Kapit is always the best. Ingredients to make Kuih Kapit include Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Egg, Coconut Milk and Sugar. I heard that my grandma used half packet of Rice Flour plus one handful of Tapioca Flour plus 30 eggs plus one packet of coconut milk and one bowl of sugar to make 5 Milo tins in the past. I have never try this recipe so I am not sure whether it works, try it and tell me! I have seen Kuih Kapit selling in small packet (16 pieces) and I think it is such a brilliant idea for Kuih Kapit lovers like me and it will be good if these small packets can be exported overseas; for not only foreigners to taste this local Malaysian festive food, but for Malaysians residing aboard too. Between, whether in tins or plastic containers, order Kuih Kapit from me before Chinese New Year! If you are interested buying some or in bulk (wholesale KL or Penang) or importing, please WhatsApp me


I am happy, it is made in Malaysia!

Kuih Kapit

[Update] I tried to send some Kuih Kapit to Germany, Vietnam and Australia for my friends and family but the biscuitsĀ arrived broken. So, sending overseas through carrier services is not a good idea!


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