Korean Word of the Day: double eyelid

쌍꺼풀 지다
ssangkkeopul jida
Acquire(have) a double eyelid

쌍꺼풀 수술을 하다
ssangkkeopul susuleul hada
Have double-eyelid surgery done

쌍꺼풀 두꺼운 남자
ssangkkeopul dukkeoun namja
A man with thick double eyelid

쌍꺼풀 수술
ssangkkeopul susul
Double-eyelid surgery

내 쌍꺼풀은 예뻐요.
nae ssangkkeopuleun yeppeoyo
My eyelids are pretty.

그녀는 쌍꺼풀이 있어요.
geunyeoneun ssangkkeopuli isseoyo
She has double eyelids.

그녀는 쌍꺼풀이 없어요.
geunyeoneun ssangkkeopuli eopseoyo
She has single eyelids.

쌍꺼풀 한 거지?
ssangkkeopul han geoji
You made your double eyelids?

너의 쌍꺼풀이 아주 자연스럽지 않아요.
neoe ssangkkeopuli aju jayeonseuleopji anayo
Your double eyelids look unnatural.

그 여자 쌍꺼풀 수술했어요.
geu yeoja ssangkkeopul susulhaesseoyo
She has undergone double-eyelid surgery.

난 쌍꺼풀 수술을 받으려고 생각했었어요.
nan ssangkkeopul susuleul badeulyeogo saenggakhaesseosseoyo
I’m considering having double-eyelid surgery.

여자는 홑꺼풀이 보기 좋아요, 아니면 쌍꺼풀이 보기 좋아요?
yeojaneun hotkkeopuli bogi joayo, animyeon ssangkkeopuli bogi joayo
A woman looks better with single eyelids or double eyelids?

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