Korean Vocabulary #5: Points of the Compass 방위

Points of the compass 방위 bangwi
North (N) buk
North by east (NbE) 북미동 bukmidong
North-northeast (NNE) 북북동 bukbukdong
Northeast by north (NEbN) 북동미북 bukdongmibuk
Northeast (NE) 북동 bukdong
Northeast by east (NEbE) 북동미동 bukdongmidong
East-northeast (ENE) 동북동 dongbukdong
East by north (EbN) 동미북 dongmibuk
East (E) dong
East by south (EbS) 동미남 dongminam
East-southeast (ESE) 동남동 dongnamdong
Southeast by east (SEbE) 남동미동 namdongmidong
Southeast (SE) 남동 namdong
Southeast by south (SEbS) 남동미남 namdongminam
South-southeast (SSE) 남남동 namnamdong
South by east (SbE) 남미동 nammidong
South (S) nam
South by west (SbW) 남미서 nammiseo
South-southwest (SSW) 남남서 namnamseo
Southwest by south (SWbS) 남서미남 namseominam
Southwest (SW) 남서 namseo
Southwest by west (SWbW) 남서미서 namseomiseo
West-southwest (WSW) 서남서 seonamseo
West by south (WbS) 서미남 seominam
West (W) seo
West by north (WbN) 서미북 seomibuk
West-northwest (WNW) 서북서 seobukseo
Northwest by west (NWbW) 북서미서 bukseomiseo
Northwest (NW) 북서 bukseo
Northwest by north (NWbN) 북서미북 bukseomibuk
North-northwest (NNW) 북북서 bukbukseo
North by west (NbW) 북미서 bukmiseo

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