Korean Vocabulary #36: Family 가족

A family; one’s folk 가족 gajok
A large (big) family 대가족 daegajok
Home; a family 가정 gajeong
Ancestor 선조/조상 seonjo/josang
Descendant 자손 jason
Successor; heir/heiress 후계자 hugyeja
Successor (to a post) 후임자 huimja
Predecessor 전임자 jeonimja
A family budget; house-hold economy 가계 gagye
A genealogical record (table); a genealogy; a family pedigree; a family tree 족보 jokbo
A woman’s native home; a woman’s parents’ home; one’s maiden home 친정 chinjeong
One’s husband’s home; the family a woman marries into; a woman’s in-laws 시댁/시집 sidaek/sijip
One’s wife’s home 처가 cheoga
In-laws; relatives by marriage 사돈 sadon
House; home jip
A family; a house-hold 집안 jipan
Members of a family 식구 sikgu
A generation 세대 sedae
The rising (younger) generation 젊은 세대 jeolmeun sedae
Future generation; the next (coming) generation 다음 세대/후대 Daeum sedae/hudae
A generation ago 한 세대 전 han sedae jeon
The new generation 새 세대 sae sedae
Generation gap 세대차 sedaecha
(the) future; prospective 장래 jangnae
(the) future; time to come 미래 mirae


가족이 몇 명입니까?
gajogi myeot myeongimnikka
How large is your family? /
How many (members) are in your family? /
How many (people) are there in your family?

가정을 갖다
gajeongeul gattta
Start a home; get married and settle down.


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