1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #11

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 301-330
to stop 서다 seoda
to give, to put 내다 naeda
to be late (for) (-에) 늦다 (-e) neuttta
to grow (up) 자라다 jalada
to experience 경험하다 gyeongheomhada
to rain 비가 오다 biga oda
to disappear 사라지다 sarajida
to be few, little 적다 jeoktta
to draw, to pull 끌다 kkeulda
to spend, to use 쓰다 sseuda
to fry 볶다 bokkda
to drive, to steer 몰다 molda
to leave, to quit 나가다 nagada
to be young 어리다 eolida
to be strong, sturdy 튼튼하다 teunteunhada
to bring (something) 가져오다 gajyeooda
to attend, to go (to) 다니다 danida
to hit, to strike 치다 chida
to do sth negative 먹다 meoktta
to be how 어떻다 eotteottta
to take a phone call 전화를 받다 jeonhwareul battta
to play 치다 chida
to discount, to cut down 깎다 kkattta
to mark 표시하다 pyosihada
to create, to develop 개발하다 gaebalhada
to accumulate, to pile, to stack 쌓다 ssattta
to enjoy, to have fun 즐기다 jeulgida
to be based on, to be due to 의하다 uihada
to be changed, to change 바뀌다 bakkwida
to offer, to provide 제공하다 jegonghada

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