Korean Vocabulary #33: People (II)

Man (husband) and wife; a (married) couple 부부 bubu
Spouse; one’s mate (husband, wife) 배우자 baeuja
Husband 남편 nampyeon
Wife 아내 anae
(my) wife 집사람 jipsaram
Someone’s wife; a married lady; Mrs.; Madam 부인 buin
Ex-husband 전남편 jeonnampyeon
Ex-wife 전처 jeoncheo
Brother 형제 hyeongje
Sister 자매 jamae
Brother and sister 형제자매/남매 hyeongjejamae/nammae
Elder brother (of a man) hyeong
Elder brother (honorific) (of a man) 형님 hyeongnim
Elder brother (of a woman) 오빠 oppa
Elder brother (honorific) (of a woman) 오라버니 orabeoni
Elder sister (of a man) 누나 nuna
Elder sister (honorific) (of a man) 누님 nunim
Elder sister (of a woman) 언니 eonni
Younger sibling 동생 dongsaeng
Younger brother 남동생 namdongsaeng
Younger sister 여동생 yeodongsaeng
Elder brother’s wife; sister-in-law 형수 hyeongsu
Younger brother’s wife; sister-in-law 제수 jesu
Elder sister’s husband; brother-in-law 형부 hyeongbu
Younger sister’s husband; brother-in-law 매부 maebu
Husband’s younger brother; brother-in-law 시동생 sidongsaeng
Wife’s brother; brother-in-law 처남 cheonam
Relative 친척 chincheok
Paternal cousin 사촌 sachon
Maternal cousin 외사촌 oesachon

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