1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #9

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 241-270
to be angry 화나다 hwanada
to escape, to run away 달아나다 daranada
to hold, to hug 안다 anda
to abandon, to give up 포기하다 pogihada
to make sth stand 세우다 seuda
to be disconnected 끊어지다 kkeuneojida
to develop 기르다 gireuda
to get along 어울리다 eoullida
to lean 기울이다 giurida
to ask, to question 질문하다 jilmunada
to blend, to mix 섞다 seottta
to come together, to gather 모이다 moida
to be included 포함되다 pohamdoeda
to wake (up), to sober up 깨다 kkaeda
to pass over, to pass, to turn (over) 넘기다 neomgida
to be burned, to burn 타다 tada
to set up 세우다 seuda
to be sorry (honorific) 죄송하다 joesonghada
to fall 내리다 naerida
to be high 높다 noptta
to drop, to shed 흘리다 heullida
to burn, to light 피우다 piuda
to return 돌아가다 doragada
to be fat, overweight 뚱뚱하다 ttungttunghada
to stamp 찍다 jjiktta
to be left, to remain 남다 namda
to push 밀다 milda
to clean, to wash, to polish 닦다 dattta
to be full 배부르다 baebureuda
to go through, to suffer 당하다 danghada

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