1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #8

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 211-240
to ride, to give a ride 태우다 taeuda
to make a phone call 전화를 걸다 jeonhwareul geolda
to give a nod, to nod 끄덕이다 kkeudeogida
to wash 씻다 ssitda
to let sb see, to show 알리다 allida
to spend one’s weekend 주말을 보내다 jumareul bonaeda
to be fresh 신선하다 sinseonada
to write, to record 기록하다 girokada
to cherish 아끼다 akkida
to increase 늘다 neulda
to stop (somewhere) 세우다 seuda
to be stupid, foolish 멍청하다 meongcheonghada
to be oily, to be greasy 기름기가 많다 gireumgiga manta
to quit 나오다 naoda
to cross 넘어서다 neomeoseoda
to borrow 얻다 eottta
to unfasten, to untie 풀다 pulda
to be important 중요하다 jungyohada
to be young 젊다 jeomda
to take care of 챙기다 chaenggida
to give out 돌리다 dollida
to find, to discover 발견하다 balgyeonhada
to be composed, to be formed 구성되다 guseongdoeda
to meet, to see (humble word of 만나다 or 보다) 뵙다 boeptta
to deliver (-을/를) 배달하다 (-eul/reul) baedalhada
to grow 크다 keuda
to be dropped 빠지다 ppajida
to depart, to leave 출발하다 chulbalhada
to compare 비교하다 bigyohada
to pass 넘어서다 neomeoseoda

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