1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #2

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 31-60
to be clean 깨끗하다 kkaekkeutada
to ask 묻다 mutdda
to draw, to paint 그리다 geurida
to be pretty 예쁘다 yeppeuda
to be beautiful 아름답다 areumdapda
to buy 사다 sada
to move 이사하다 isahada
to be cold (weather) 춥다 chupda
to be hot (weather) 덥다 deopda
to be blocked, to be stopped,

to be clogged

막히다 makida
to marry 결혼하다 gyeolonhada
to hear, to listen 듣다 deutda
to be cheap 싸다 ssada
to be interesting 재미있다 jaemiitda
to be uninteresting 재미없다 jaemieopda
to meet 만나다 mannada
to be hungry 배고프다 baegopeuda
to be convenient 편리하다 pyeonrihada
to cook 요리하다 yorihada
to clean, to sweep 청소하다 cheongsohada
to do 하다 hada
to be tired 피곤하다 pigonhada
to come 오다 oda
to be stylish 멋있다 meositda
to be sour 시다 sida
to know 알다 alda
to memorize 외우다 oeuda
to be thick 두껍다 dukkeopda
to be thin 얇다 yalda
to get, to take, to accept,

to receive




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