1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #12

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 331-360
to be new, fresh 새롭다 saeroptta
to go out to greet 마중 나가다 majung nagada
to be damp, moist, humid 습하다 seupada
to beat, to hit 때리다 ttaerida
to make plans with someone 약속을 만들다 yagsogeul mandeulda
to be wide, broad 넓다 neoptta
to increase, to lengthen 늘리다 neullida
to chop, to slice, to cut (cooking term) 썰다 sseolda
to develop, to grow 발전하다 baljeonhada
to be held, to spread 펼쳐지다 pyeolchyeojida
to get out 벗어나다 beoseonada
to be sharp, pointed 뾰족하다 ppyojokada
to bite, to chew 씹다 ssiptta
to be early 이르다 ireuda
to be dark 어둡다 eoduptta
to decide, to determine 정하다 jeonghada
to meddle in 나서다 naseoda
to bake 굽다 guptta
to draw a line 줄을 긋다 jureul geuttta
to come upon (a big street) (사거리가) 나오다 (sageoriga) naoda
to shout, to yell 소리치다 sorichida
to attach, to hoist, to wear 달다 dalda
to open, to open (one’s eyes) 뜨다 tteuda
to season 양념하다 yangnyeomhada
to be brave 씩씩하다 ssikssikada
to take on, to take care of 맡다 mattta
to be caught 잡히다 japida
to rise up 떠오르다 tteooreuda
to post (up) 올리다 ollida
to start, to begin 시작되다 sijakdoeda

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