Korean Vocabulary #38: Marriage 결혼

Marriage 결혼 gyeolhon
To marry 결혼하다 gyeolhonhada
A wedding (ceremony) 결혼식 gyeolhonsik
A wedding ring 결혼반지 gyeolhonbanji
A wedding invitation 결혼청첩장 gyeolhoncheongcheopjang
A marriage partner 결혼상대 gyeolhonsangdae
A bridegroom 신랑 sinrang
A groomsman; a best man 신랑 들러리 sinrang deulleoli
A bride 신부 sinbu
A bridesmaid 신부 들러리 sinbu deulleoli
A newly married woman 새색시 saesaeksi
A proposal of marriage 프로포즈 peuropojeu
To propose 프로포즈하다 peuropojeuhada
An arranged meeting with a view to marriage 맞선 matseon
To be formally introduce to a prospective marriage partner; to meet each other with a view to marriage 맞선을 보다 matseoneul boda
An engagement; a promise to marry; a betrothal 약혼 yakon
An engagement ring 약혼반지 yakonbanji
One’s fiancé 약혼자 yakonja
One’s fiancée 약혼녀 yakonnyeo
A divorce 이혼 ihon
A divorce suit 이혼소송 ihonsosong
A divorce by consent 협의이혼 hyeopiihon
A second marriage; a remarriage 재혼 jaehon
To marry again 재혼하다 jaehonhada
Single 미혼 mihon
Married 기혼 gihon
A separation; limited divorce 별거 byeolgeo
To live apart (separately); to live in a separate house 별거하다 byeolgeohada
A marriage 혼인 honin
Marriage certificate 혼인증서 honinjeungseo
Registration of one’s marriage 혼인신고 honinsingo
An officiant 주례 jurye
A guest 내빈 naebin
Articles (expenses) essential to a marriage 혼수 honsu
Bouquet 부케 buke
A wedding photo 웨딩사진 wedingsajin
A wedding cake 웨딩케이크 wedingkeikeu
A wedding dress 웨딩드레스 wedingdeureseu
A monetary gift for happy occasions 축의금 chukigeum
A honeymoon; a wedding trip 허니문 여행 heonimun yeohaeng
To marry a woman 장가가다 janggagada
To marry a man 시집가다 sijipgada
A marital home 신혼집 sinhonjip
To have an affair with a person; be unfaithful to one’s spouse 바람을 피우다 barameul piuda
A lover; a mistress 정부 jeongbu
An extramarital affair 불륜/외도 bullyun/oedo
An adulterer; a adulteress; a paramour 간부 ganbu
Adultery; illicit intercourse; liaison 간통 gantong
A widow 과부 gwabu
A widower 홀아비 holabi

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