1000 Korean Verbs and Adjectives #1

Korean Verbs and Adjectives 1-30
to go on a date 데이트하다 deiteuhada
to be all right 괜찮다 gwaenchanta
to prepare, get ready 준비하다 junbihada
to be easy 쉽다 swipda
to congratulate 축하하다 chukahada
to do one’s homework 숙제하다 sukjjehada
to have a meeting 회의하다 hoeihada
to be sorry 미안하다 mianhada
to annoy, to excuse, to trouble 실례하다 sillyehada
to exercise 운동하다 undonghada
to swim 수영하다 suyeonghada
to be delicious 맛있다 masitda
to shop 쇼핑하다 syopinghada
to take a shower 샤워하다 syawohada
to talk 얘기하다/ 이야기하다 yaegihada/iyagihada
to cough 기침을 하다 gichimeul hada
to be hard 힘들다 himdeulda
to help/ to lend sb a hand 돕다 doptta
to be small 작다 jakda
to be big 크다 keuda
to eat 먹다 meokda
to drink 마시다 masida
to be kind 친절하다 chinjeolhada
to be bad 나쁘다 nappeuda
to study 공부하다 gongbuhada
to teach 가르치다 gareuchida
to be busy 바쁘다 bappeuda
to go 가다 gada
to be in fashion 유행하다 yuhaenghada
to catch a cold 감기에 걸리다 gamgie geollida

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