How to say Hello in Korean

How to say hello in Korean? Here, you will find useful Korean phrases that native speakers use. It is polite to greet someone you know. Say ‘안녕하세요? (ann-yeong-ha-se-yo; hello)’ with a slight bow (and smile) as you pass somebody. Friends and family members usually greet each other in a casual or informal way. On the other hand, business greetings are more formal.

Hello in Korean

How to say hello, hi or how are you in Korean? As in every other language, the time of day you greet a person often determines what you say. In Korean, you can say ‘안녕하세요? (ann-yeong-ha-se-yo; good morning)’ or ‘잘 잤어요? (jal-ja-sseo-yo; did you sleep well?)’ in the morning. Sometimes you pass the same person a second time on the same day perhaps in the afternoon or evening, you can say ‘식사했어요? (sik-ssa-hae-sseo-yo; have you eaten?)’ or even talk about the weather etc.

안녕하십니까?/ 안녕하세요?/ *안녕?
annyeonghasimnikka/ annyeonghaseyo/ annyeong
Hi!/ Hello!/ Good morning./ Good afternoon./ Good evening.

여러분 안녕하세요?/ *모두들 잘있었니?
yeoreobun annyeonghaseyo/ modudeul jalisseotni
Hello everyone! How are you?

Hello? (on the phone)

잘 지내세요?/ *잘 지내니?
jal jinaeseyo/ jal jinaeni
How are you doing?

어떻게 지내세요?/ *어떻게 지내니?
eotteoke jinaeseyo/ eotteoke jinaeni
What’s up?/ What’s new?/ How’s life treating you?

그동안 잘 지냈어요?
geudongan jal jinaesseoyo
How have you been lately?

별일없으시구요?/ *별일없구?
byeolileopseusiguyo/ byeolileopgu
How are you?

건강하게 잘 지냈어요?
geonganghage jal jinaesseoyo
How are you? (How’s your health?)

잘 잤어요?
jal jasseoyo
Did you sleep well?

식사했어요?/ *밥먹었어?
sikssahaesseoyo/ bapmeogeosseo
Have you eaten?

날씨 덥네요.
nalssi deopneyo
It’s been hot lately.

날씨 춥네요.
nalssi chupneyo
It’s been cold lately.

Are you fully occupied?

What are you doing?/ What are you up to?

오래간만입니다./ *오랜만이다.
oraeganmanimnida/ oraenmanida
Long time no see.

안녕히 주무세요./ *잘자.
annyeongi jumuseyo/ jalja
Good night./ Sleep well./ Sleep tight.

편히 쉬세요./ *편히 쉬어라./ *잘 쉬어.
pyeoni swiseyo/ pyeoni swieora/ jal swieo
Have a good rest!

* = Informal/casual

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