Chinese Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

Here’re step-by-step instructions for making Chinese Pumpkin Pancake (南瓜煎饼 nán guā jiān bǐng). This is an easy pumpkin pancake recipe that’s chewy and most important, fat free! It makes a perfect breakfast.

How to make Chinese Pumpkin Pancake

Chinese Pumpkin Pancake


175g pumpkin
50g all-purpose flour
25g glutinous rice flour
5g green onion, chopped
5g ginger, julienned
1 egg, lightly beaten
75ml water


1. Cut the pumpkin, use a spoon to scoop and remove the seeds and membranes.
2. Remove the skin and slice it. Put into a blender and blend until fine.
3. Mix pumpkin, all-purpose flour, glutinous rice flour, ginger, green onion in a bowl. Add some salt and sugar. Add egg and water, mix well.
4. Heat a pan over medium-high heat. Ladle the mixture into the pan and cook until the edges start to set. Using a spatula carefully lift the edges, if the underside is golden brown, flip it.
5. Wait for the other side of the pancake to cook fully. Serve hot off the pan.

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