50 Useful Korean Phrases #8: Talking on the telephone

36 여보세요.

>> 안녕히 계세요.
annyeongi gyeseyo

37 지금 통화 괜찮으세요?
jigeum tonghwa gwaenchaneuseyo
Are you available now? (Lit. Is it alright to call now?)

>> 제가 다시 전화할게요.
jega dasi jeonhwahalgeyo
I will call you back.

38 실례지만, 누구세요?
sillyejiman nuguseyo
Excuse me, who is this?

39 잠깐만요./ 잠깐만 기다려 주세요. (formal)
jamkkanmanyo/ jamkkanman gidalyeo juseyo
Hold on a minute./ Just a minute.

40 전화 잘못 거셨어요./ 전화 잘못 거셨습니다.
jeonhwa jalmot geosyeosseoyo/ jeonhwa jalmot geosyeotseumnida
You have called the wrong number.

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