50 Useful Korean Phrases #7: Congratulating, consoling and encouraging

31 축하합니다.

32 제가 한턱 낼게요.
jega hanteong naelgeyo
I will treat you./ It’s on me./ I’ll get it (a bill).

33 힘드시겠어요.
It must be difficult for you. (when consoling a person who is experiencing problems in life.)

34 걱정하지 마세요./ 걱정 마세요.
geokjeonghaji maseyo/ geokjeong maseyo
Please don’t worry. (when trying to calm down people who are worried or stressed about something.)

35 힘 내세요.
him naeseyo
Cheer up. (Lit. Please have more strength.)

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