Where to buy Waffle Maker in Malaysia: Takada Waffle Maker (ISB-068)

How to make waffle at home? You need a waffle maker! I have received the fourth item this morning I bought on Lazada – Takada Waffle Maker ISB-068. Lazada delivery service is faster and more efficient as compared to Groupon delivery service. Prices are sometimes lower than Groupon too. I bought this waffle maker four days ago. I ordered an Ice Cream Maker on Groupon 6 days ago but I have not received it yet. However, I expect that it would arrive tomorrow.

Takada Waffle Maker

At breakfast, tea time or anytime of the day, nothing is better than having freshly made waffles to enjoy. The Takada Waffle Maker ISB-068 is your ultimate portable cooking tool. It enables you to prepare a quick and enticingly fresh breakfast in just minutes.

Weight: 1.8 kg
Size (L x W x H): 260mm x 190mm x 110mm
Wattage: 850W
Voltage: 220-240V
5 Slices of heart-shaped waffles
Non-stick surface
Portable and easy to use/clean
Light and tone indicators
Delivered in 1 – 3 Business Days
1 Year Warranty

Takada Waffle Maker (ISB-068)

Quick and Easy
This waffle maker is able to whip out 5 heart-shaped slices at once. Be it a family brunch or for a birthday party, this handy waffle maker will not disappoint. Just pour the batter in, wait 5 minutes and voila! Waffles in a snap!

Light and Tone Indicator
Lifting the waffle maker up during the cooking time can more often than not damage the waffles. They break up and tear or lose its crisp texture. With the Takada Waffle Maker ISB-068, you needn’t worry about any of these problems occurring. A key feature of the sandwich maker is its light and tone indicator that tell you when your waffles are done. It’s so easy and convenient!

Non-stick surface
The non-stick coating plate allows you to make perfect waffles with convenience; there is no need to worry if your waffle is going to adhere to the surface of the maker. Clean-up will also be a breeze! The cool-touch housing ensures your safety, the maker’s exterior remains cool even during use. This makes the product safe and usable for anyone at any time! Wait no longer, get this amazing product today!

Service Centre
Address :
35, Jalan Desa Serdang 4,
Desa Serdang, Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Telephone No.: 03-89430368 / 03-89442584
Email: takadasb@tm.net.my

I thought a basic waffle recipe would have been included in the user manual but there was none. There are just instructions on “How to make Golden Crispy Waffles” using the Takada Waffle Maker. I had bought a Takada Dough Cake Toaster a year ago at Giant and it came with a recipe for basic dough cake attached to it. I am going to Singapore this Saturday and have no time to test this waffle maker yet. I did have some awesome waffle recipes, cannot wait to try it out. I will do it when I come back from the trip.

Where to buy Takada Waffle Maker

I bought the Takada Waffle Maker on Lazada for RM 58. Read posts below for ideas on how to save money while shopping on Lazada.

Where to buy Takada Waffle Maker

How to make Golden Crispy Waffles

  1. Prepare the cooking surfaces of the Waffle Maker by lightly brushing or spraying them with cooking oil or non-stick spray. NOTE: The first waffle may appear slightly dark because of the oil.
  2. Connect the plug to the wall socket. Close the lid to allow the unit to heat faster. The indicator light will come “On”, indicating that the unit is now heating.
  3. When the indicator light goes ‘Off’, the Waffle Maker will be at the ideal temperature for baking waffles. Raise the lid and pour a cup of your favourite waffle batter, from a cup or a pitcher, onto the center of the cooking surface. Close the lid of the unit.
  4. The waffle will require about 5 minutes to bake. The Waffle Maker will emit an audible tone when the waffle is finished baking. Gently lift the lid to check for brownness. If the lid resists lifting, allow the waffle to cook longer, and then try again. If you desire a browner waffle, close the lid and bake 1 to 2 minutes longer.
  5. When the desired brownness has been reached, remove the waffle from the Waffle Maker. Be sure to use only plastic, nylon or wooden utensils, designed for use on non-stick surfaces. If more waffles are desired, simply add batter to the cooking surfaces in the same way as the first.
  6. Caution: Avoid leaving the Waffle Maker plugged in with no batter on the cooking surfaces for any extended length of time. When you have finished with the Waffle Maker, be sure to unplug the unit. Allow to cool before cleansing.

How to clean Takada Waffle Maker

After use and before cleaning remove plug and wait for Waffle Maker to cool. Wipe the cooking surfaces with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. For removing stubborn stains or food, use a nylon brush or other utensils safe for non-stick surfaces. Do not clean the inside or outside with any abrasive scouring pad or steel wool as this will damage the finish. Do not use any abrasive cleaners. Do not immerse in water or any liquid.

[Update] Belgian Waffle Maker now available in Malaysia, read: Bayers Belgian Waffle Maker


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