Weight Loss Diet Plan 10 Days 0.8kg

I am neither overweight nor obese but I want to be slim! So, I have created this 10 days weight loss diet plan for myself, to lose weight by dieting. I followed my plan one month ago and I lost 0.8 kg in 10 days as shown in the photo below. This weight loss diet plan works. I was 40.7 kg in February but now, I am 42.5 kg! Gosh! You may think that is just a little bit different but don’t look down on these few kilograms, they make a huge different. My hard work gone and I need to diet again.

Weight Loss Diet Plan 10 days

Weight Loss Diet Plan
It is not easy to lose weight; you need to have courage, determination, firmness and persistence to pursue it. Some people have dieted a month and lost only one pound. I believe that if you really want something, you need to perform them with a commitment to excellence and attention to detail. I make my own weight loss foods by reading a lot of books about losing weight.

Day 1 to Day 3

Breakfast: Drink a glass of water (500ml) and a cup of Natural Yogurt Smoothie. If you do not like smoothies, you can choose either two fruits (apple, kiwi, tomatoes, pear etc.) or 1 bowl of vegetables with 250ml yogurt.

Lunch: In some Weight Loss Diet Plans, they suggest to take boiled vegetables or salad as lunch but for me as an Asian, I eat rice every day in every meal, so I have decided to take different types of rice porridge/congee as my lunch.

Afternoon tea: Usually, I drink just a cup of soy milk *I make my own soy milk*. However, if I feel hungry, I will take extra 2 pieces of biscuits or some fruits. If you are going to buy soy milk from store, make sure it has no sugar added.

Dinner: Either a bowl of salad with or without salt and vinegar (exclude salad dressing or mayonnaise) or a bowl of soup.

Day 4 to Day 7

Breakfast: Same as Day 1 to Day 3 plus 1 boiled egg.

Lunch: Yeah! You can eat whatever you want! I still remember that feeling was so good! But keep in mind, do not eat too much, drink a lot of water and avoid fried/oily foods. Do not ruin your hard work.

Afternoon tea/Dinner: Same as Day 1 to Day 3

Day 8 to Day 10

Breakfast/Lunch/Afternoon tea: Same as Day 1 to Day 3

Dinner: Steamed chicken or steamed fish or 2 pieces of Tofu.

Use this Weight Loss Diet Plan as a circle, after the 10 days period has finished, starts your diet from day 1 again until you get your ideal weight.

Weight loss tips

*No pie for me, I am on a diet.* Yes, you can’t lose weight by enjoying your food. But I have found a great way to lose weight. Key to success: reduced carbohydrates and fat from your diet. I don’t believe in slimming or weight loss products but I believe that Green tea or traditional Chinese Oolong tea will helps in burning body fat. I drink a cup of Oolong tea every night after dinner and exercise for half an hour every day in the morning. The interval between meals is 4 hours, means if you take your breakfast at 8 am, you may take your lunch at 12 pm. Your body, your health, your life. I am here to encourage those people who are overweight or obese to challenge your weight today. Obesity may have an adverse effect on your health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. Please look forward for my weight loss recipes and I hope this Weight Loss Diet Plan works for you. Do not follow blindly, consult your doctor. Thank you.


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