Victory Monument | Victory Monument BTS Station

Victory Monument has long served as a busy transportation hub in Bangkok. Nearly all public buses and vans to the city’s outskirts as well as nearby beach towns leave from this area. I once took van from Victory Monument to Maeklong to see the railway market – Maeklong Railway Market. There are vans to Amphawa, Hua Hin, Pattaya etc. too. The Victory Monument itself is an attraction, although not one that will reach into the depths of your imagination as it is more a nationalistic symbol than anything else.

How to go Victory Monument

Victory Monument Bangkok

Take the BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at Victory Monument Station (N3), Exit 3.

Bangkok Skytrain Map Victory Monument

What else around Victory Monument

– Royal Thai Army Medical Department, Exit 1
– Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Exit 2
– Century The Movie Plaze, Exit 2
– King Power Complex, Exit 2
– Ratjavithi Hospital, Exit 3
– Phramongkut Hospital, Exit 3
– Ramathibodi Hospital, Exit 3
– Siam International Buildi, Exit 4
– Girl Guide Association of Thailand, Exit 4
– Peace Park, Exit 4

Victory Monument Night Market

Victory Monument Night Market

Shopping at Victory Monument is more about street fashion and cheap accessories. The area is for those who are in search of something colorful and affordable. If you like street shopping, you might have fun browsing through the extensive collections there. I bought a simple T-shirt for only 60 baht. Most shops are located underneath the BTS Skywalk and along the street from Ratchawithi Soi 3 to Soi 9.

Hotels near Victory Monument BTS Station

– Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel
– Century Park Hotel
– Royal River Hotel

7 May 2013

A very very very very good morning, I am happy today. The security really scared me. He wanted to walk with me again this morning but luckily, another security (which is also a friend of mine) offered to walk with me, so I went with him rather than the scary guy. I am really afraid of that guy now, I feel something is wrong. Yesterday he showed me that he bought an English-Thai dictionary and he said he could chat with me. Is he trying to be close to me? Well, forget about him and I was very happy because I saw my friend buying coffee on the street. He was frowning. I was surprised to see him so I jumped in front of him and made a scary noise. He was shocked. I did not stop and continued my walk with the security, to buy breakfast. If I were alone, I would stop and talk to him. However, his reaction was not very good because he was curious seeing the security with me. After that, he told me he was really shocked when we met at the hotel lobby. He said ‘Tok Jai’ in Thai, means ‘shock’. After a while he sent me a line message me saying that he was going to Pet Hospital later around 10 am. I wanted to go with him but he did not ask me whether I wanted to go or not. We chatted for a while and I asked, ‘can I go?’ I feel really bored wondering around the hotel, I want to go out even it is just a car ride! I think he knew that I wanted to go, if not he would not tell me that he was going out. There were four of us in the car, me, him, another friend of mine and Dumpty the dog. I feel very comfortable and happy going out with them even though we could not communicate well due to language barrier. They could not understand English and I could not understand Thai. Out of nothing, I told one of them that he looked like a Japanese actor. And he asked me, ‘You like him?’ I changed the topic quickly because I knew that if I said ‘I like’ indirectly means ‘I like him’, right? He almost made me say I like him. He is so smart!

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