The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel

It’s 16 April! Why shops are still closed? Bangkok is still very quiet. Skype my mom every morning, she misses me. We have not seen each other for about two months and if I’m going to stay here for another month, yes, three months. Yet another lazy day, not going anywhere, very sleepy, very tired, sitting at lobby with my laptop updating blog. There are three middle-aged Japanese men sitting in front of me, reading newspaper. Some people just check in, some people just check out. Some go quickly, some stay for a while and leave. Just like life, people come and people go. Some will stay, some will leave. Some will hurt you, some will make you smile. Some appear only once in your life. Some value is unknown, until you see their empty chair. Came across a sad story about Boston Marathon Explosion, a man planned to propose to his girlfriend as she crossed the finish line but she passed away. Life is so fragile. Appreciate those that are still here and cherish the memories. My heart goes out to all of the people affected.

How to go The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel

The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel

Bangkok SkyTrain Map On Nut

Soi 77

BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at On Nut Station (E9), Exit 1, take the stairs and make a U-turn, walk straight and turn right at the second junction into a street that full of food stalls (Soi 77). Walk to the end of the street, turn left and Big C Supermarket will be on your right. Walk across the Supermarket’s car park and you will see The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel.

The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel Review

The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel Lobby

The Bedrooms Cafe

Rate for standard superior room is 1400 Baht per night same as the rate on The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel website, monthly is about 30000 Baht include breakfast. Book through Agoda is always cheaper. We didn’t ask for more details because the staff was NOT friendly. We requested to view the room but she said there wasn’t any room available for us to see. So, I can’t get much information for you all. The hotel is just next to Big C Supermarket, where you can get a lot of things at very low prices every day. What caught my attention was The Bedrooms Café, a modern-style coffee shop with nice atmosphere and easy-going style. You can check out both The Bedrooms Boutique Hotel and The Green Bells Onnut Hotel before you decide where to stay since both hotels are quite near to each other. My choice will always be The Green Bells.

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