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Bangkok Travel Tips: How to buy BTS SkyTrain Tickets

I remember that when I first came to Bangkok I didn’t know how to buy the train tickets. There isn’t any touch screen machine here for you to select ‘English’, follow instructions and buy the ticket. Rather, the machine looks like the photo. So, how to buy BTS Skytrain Tickets?

How to buy BTS SkyTrain Tickets

BTS Skytrain Ticket Machine

Single Journey Tickets can be purchased at any Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM), Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM) and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). The machine accepts only coins. If you don’t have enough coins, you could change it at the counter.

1. Select fare.
2. Insert coins.
3. Take ticket.
4. Take change.


Select the fare according to chosen destination (look up the fare information). For example, if you’re going to Mo Chit station, you have to press the button ‘40’. Fares start at 15 baht, up to 40 Baht per journey. Note that single journey tickets valid for day of purchase only. And it will be retained at an Automatic Gate upon exit. You can save a few baht with the Rabbit Card.

Thought of the day

I think I’m bored till the max. I didn’t go anywhere these days. I have nowhere to go. Most importantly, the weather is very hot. I bath three four times per day. I walk up and down the stairs. I walk in and out the lobby. My sister is quite busy, so mostly I take lunch myself. As I said, I’m really bored. I have to find someone to talk to, to have lunch with. And one of my new friends, P’Ae is the hotel cleaner. I looked for her just now and I asked her whether we could have lunch together. I got rejected. She said I was guest and they are workers. During working hours, we couldn’t have lunch together. Though I already know the rule, but just feel like want to break it. My mom laughed at me when I said I want to ask the cleaners for lunch together. She said, couldn’t you make friend with other tourists? Why cleaners, securities and receptionists? I see them as friends! Not workers. Not cleaners. I admire them. I respect them. Perhaps, in their life time, no hotel guests ask them to have lunch together.