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The Green Bells Onnut hotel

Sister and I are staying at The Green Bells Onnut hotel for a month, if couldn’t find another cheaper or better place to stay, we’ll stay here for two months. I’m typing this with my laptop beside the swimming pool. It’s quite windy but a little bit noisy due to the renovation works besides the building.

The Green Bells – Modern Style Boutique Hotel and Residence

The Green Bells Onnut hotel

Reached here after midnight, sister didn’t make reservation so we have to check in for a night for 999 baht, which is quite a waste. Initially, the receptionist insisted that we have to pay 1280 baht for a night! My sister should have made a reservation for a monthly room before we came. Never mind, so if you want to stay here for a month or two, make sure you make a reservation online at its website or book through Agoda. Cheapest room is “Standard (Fountain Side) Room”. Rate per night shown on its website is 1380 baht and on Agoda is about USD 40. Please talk to the person in charge and you’ll get 999 baht per night (without breakfast). Monthly rate for standard room shown on the website is 15000+ baht.

The Green Bells Onnut Hotel Bedroom

The Green Bells Onnut hotel is just about 2-minute walk from On Nut BTS SkyTrain Station. Free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, TV, fridge, king-size bed, restaurant, etc. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. They are able to speak Japanese, English or Chinese. Surrounding include Lotus Shopping Center, Big C Supermarket, Night market, etc. In addition, you have to pay cash 1000 baht deposit for a night and 5000 baht deposit for a month. Make sure you have it.

How to go The Green Bells Onnut hotel

Bangkok SkyTrain Map On Nut

BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line On Nut Station (E9), take Exit 1, make a U-turn, walk about 100 meter, turn right at the first junction and you will see The Green Bells Onnut hotel.

Embarrassed moments in The Green Bells Onnut hotel

Not only once but twice, OMG! Yesterday, sister went to swimming pool and I was alone in the room doing mask. Thanks to dirty air in Bangkok. Someone knocked the door and I opened the door without thinking, I thought it’s my sister. But it’s the receptionist at the lobby who brought us a kettle and two tea cups. He was almost burst out laughing but both of us just pretended normal. And just now when I saw him, he smiled happily! Maybe he was thinking about the incident yesterday! Fine, at least my masked face makes somebody happy today, lol. And this morning, I opened the door with my messy hair and sleepy eyes, not the receptionist but the cleaner. She spoke Thai to me friendlily, thanks to my Thai great grandmother. I just smiled as if I understood what she was saying, lol