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Siam Center Bangkok | How to get to Siam Center

Life is your creation. Siam Center’s re-launch in January 2013 brought a different kind of shopping experience to Siam: over 200 international and Thai brands including the boutiques of some brilliant promising local designers as well as renowned Thai couturiers.

Siam Center

Located next to Siam BTS it is linked by a covered walkway to Siam Paragon Mall, famous for its high-end boutiques. There are plenty of well-known brands at Siam Center as well, and the crowd they are aiming for is young and hip. Open daily 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Siam Center Bangkok

Floor 1: Fashion Avenue. It includes flagship stores of globally famous brands. They will be spacious and decorated in a free-form look that is easy on the eye with their storefronts using curved or angled glass, or clear acrylic.

Floor 2: Fashion Galleria. This floor houses international brands for clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. It has the look of a concept shop where all stores are decorated in ultra-modern style and with black and white tones predominant to make them striking and unique.

Floor 3: Fashion Visionary. This floor has the most comprehensive range of Thai designer brands in the country. All designers agreed to give their outlets a whole new design and decoration. Most of them are flagship stores with the most comprehensive range of product offerings. All project exclusivity. The floor is decorated with an organic look, using wood, steel and copper.

Floor 4: Food Factory. Here is a new trendy city hangout complete with international restaurants and food shops offering a wide range of delicious dishes in an original, industrial style environment. It is a fun place to meet people. Service hours are until midnight.

Siam Center Bangkok

Thailand’s largest Forever 21 is right next to the entrance with other international brands including Steve Madden shoes, Nike, Accessorize, Havianas, SuperDry and Levis. If you are looking for great value Thai labels then check out Jaspal for chic outfits, Lyn Around for dreamy dresses and Baking Soda for sexy embellished tees and skinny jeans. For those with a bit more cash to splash it is worth checking out Fly Now III, Kloset and Greyhound Original for fantastic Thai designs. These can be found on the 3rd floor, alongside other local designer flagship boutiques. The 3rd floor is also where to find the up-and-coming Thai designers.


THANN Siam Center

Made only with highest quality ingredients derived from nature, THANN is an all-natural, Asian-inspired skincare line from Thailand. Pure, with no artificial colors or harmful preservatives, THANN integrates the art of natural aromatherapy and the science of modern skincare. Each THANN product is thoughtfully designed to awaken all your senses, to calm your anxiety and ease your stress away.

2nd Floor Siam Center


FLY Now III Siam Center

FLY Now III, a well-known established luxurious womenswear clothing in Thailand, is one of the established brands in Thailand and in these past few years has becoming well known internationally.

3rd Floor Siam Center

Wonder Anatomie

Wonder Anatomie Siam Center

Wonder Anatomie Shop

Design is for everyone. Wonder Anatomie is inspired by the human anatomy, and images from anatomy books for doctors. The pieces clearly illustrate the connection – laser-cut, hand-assembled assemblages mimic the human rib cage and pelvic bones, chains of beads sewn into hems run like the spine of a sleek, mythical beast. Many of the designs have to be handmade because that is the only way to get the results the designer was aiming for. These include accessories, shoes, bracelets and necklaces. Some take two days to make, from sewing to attaching the felt pieces individually by hand. The designer, Mr.Chalermkiat said his designs were mostly black before, but now bright, electrifying colors are available too.

3rd Floor Siam Center


Chalachol Siam Center

Your progressive Hair Hero. Services include haircuts, formal styling, coloring, perming, treatment, hair up do, bleach, straightening, collagen, hi-light, gross, straight therapy and hair detox.

3rd Floor Siam Center

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Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Mr. Jones' Orphanage Siam Center

Teddy bear factory and baked goods shop! Mr. Jones’ Orphanage is a dessert restaurant decorated with fluffy teddy bears, vintage prints and toys, the customers will feel like stepping into a whimsical world of childhood fantasies. The restaurant’s signature desserts are Custard Cow’s Poo – the custard has a hole in the middle and is baked until chewy and slightly brown, Chocky Mud Pie – a slightly torched, enormous marshmallow sits on top of a biscuit in a shallow pond of chocolate sauce. Their drinks are also recommended such as Chunky Monkey – an aromatic milkshake with a perfect blend of coffee, chocolate chips and a hint of banana, and the tangy Mummy – a strong, zesty splash of mango and passion fruit. But the don’t-miss is their homemade milk. The different flavors available are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, spearmint and bubble gum.

3rd Floor Siam Center

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Absolute Siam

Absolute Siam Siam Center

Not recommended as I think the foods are not delicious, though prices are quite cheap.

4th Floor Siam Center

Magnum Cafe

Magnum Café – Where fantasy come to life

Magnum Café

Magnum Café

Magnum Cafe, where the secret of a new Magnum will be revealed. Magnum is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling 1 billion units annually worldwide, and is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams.

1st Floor Siam Center

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How to get to Siam Center

Bangkok Skytrain Map Siam

Take BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line or BTS SkyTrain Silom Line and get off at Siam Station (CEN), Exit 3.

9 May 2013

Walk around On Nut BTS Station again after breakfast. I often see my friend on the street but not today. Today is also another happy day because I have many Thai friends now. Though they are not fluent in English but they attempt to talk to me. It is really hard for us to talk face to face but I think that is what makes our relationship interesting. Our conversations are very funny. We use a lot of body languages when we talk and we use a lot of emoticons and stickers to chat in Line. This kind of friendship is quite special to me. Sometimes, I think probably because of language barrier, some of them keep a distance from me. Whatever it is, I am leaving soon, so let’s create some happy memories together, which will keep us smiling for a long long while. I went to Central World with my sister just now, to attend Accademia Italiana fashion show. My heart beats very fast during the show. There are so many amazing people in this world, but why can’t I be one? I want to be someone who has dream and who can achieve it. I do not want to waste my life.