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Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

Almost 3 am in the morning and I am still awake at the lobby of Shereton Towers Singapore Hotel, anyone here? I see only receptionists and cleaners (cleaning the floor). I have promised myself not to procrastinate anymore. The work of today must be done today and I will not put off till tomorrow. I am actually quite tired now, I will look like a zombie tomorrow.

How to go Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

Singapore MRT

At Nicoll Highway Station (CC5), we took the Circle Line and got off at Dhoby Ghaut Station (CC1) and switched to North South Line (Jurong East direction) and got off at Newton Station (NS21), Exit 2. Fee is SGD 1.50.

Singapore LRT MRT Standard Ticket

We did not opt for any transportation card. We just simply bought the standard tickets from a ticket machine at the station by following the instructions on screen. A standard ticket can be used for up to 6 times within 30 days from the day of purchase.

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Review

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

Check In 21 Dec
Check Out 25 Dec
Deluxe Room
King Bed
30 sq.m
High speed Internet for a fee
Free access to fitness center
Large work area
Breakfast not included
222.19 in Singapore Dollars per night
Good and Service Tax: 7.7% per room per night not in the rate
Service Charge: 10.0% per room per night not in the rate
SGD 888.75 deposit will be charged to the credit card provided.

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Deluxe Room

I have a very generous aunt, she paid for our accommodation for this trip. Honestly, this hotel is too pricey for me and I could not afford to stay in this hotel even for just a night. If it was not her, I would not be able to come here. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. OMG, 3.30 am! I have to sleep now but before that, I would like to share a message that my dad sent to me just now. My dad writes well, not like me. Good night.

Chen, when I was in Singapore 4 decades and 3 years ago, it was still a very backward country. Today I still remember vividly the black-like-Chinese-ink Singapore River by the side of which I sat to enjoy the hawkers’ food. The sight of the river was disgusting but its food tasted like heaven. Now, Singapore has metamorphosed to become one of the four small dragons of Asia, it should be worth seeing. So make good use of the opportunity to “scrutinise” the country’s very nook and corner. Good night. Dad.