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Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Paradigm Mall Review

Yesterday, I went to a very unique tea restaurant in the Paradigm Mall with my friend after the job interview – Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. Purple Cane Tea Restaurant was founded in 1997 inspired by the tradition of Tea Culture. As encapsulated in Chinese descriptive 茶 (Tea) 原 (Origin), the cuisine is uniquely prepared, infusing tea in every dish to bring out the natural aroma and flavor of food. As a flavor enhancer, tea adds a subtle and refined taste.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Menu

We had Burdock Chicken Dong Ding Oolong Tea Soup in Tea Pot (RM 7.90), Homemade Stir Fried Egg with Tomato, Prawn and Tie Guan Yin Tea Mill (RM 12), Stir fried Chicken Boxing in Lychee Black Tea (RM 16), Puer Tea Brown Rice (RM 2.50) and Long Jing Green Tea Rice (RM 1.80). I have never thought that rice could be cooked with tea! Must try!

The simplest form of joy and contentment comes from a bowl of tea rice. A bowl of tea rice holds the wisdom of generations. When you cup the steamy bowl in your palms and savour each mouthful of tea-infused rice, you will understand the effort and time that has transformed each rice grain and tea leaf into the most delectable and satisfying meal around. When the alluring aroma of Long Jing and Puer meet the rice filled with the blessing of our land, you could expect something that warms not just your stomach but also your heart.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Menu

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Review

  • Tea-infused healthy cuisine
  • Low-fat, low-salt and low seasoning
  • Refreshingly delicious and palatable light

All dishes are low-salt, low-fat, and low-seasoning, which allow you to enjoy great delicious food in a wholesome way. Purple Cane Tea Restaurant is the ideal dining destination for tea lovers and discerning, health conscious individuals who appreciate quality and healthy food. I like this restaurant so much and would definitely go again. FYI, the restaurant was a little bit packed and noisy during dinner time.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant Paradigm Mall

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
UGB09, Upper Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall,
No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603-78861598
Fax: 603-78864627