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Cheap Tablecloths – Daiso Vinyl Tablecloth

If you are looking for good quality nice printed cheap Tablecloths – Center Tablecloth, Disposable Tablecloth, Round Tablecloth, Rectangle Tablecloth or Square Tablecloth – go to Daiso. I have just bought one from there this afternoon. I like it so much.

Daiso Vinyl Tablecloth

5 dollar Daiso Square Vinyl Tablecloth, definitely worth it.
Approximately 120 cm (47 inches) x 150 cm (59 inches) x 0.08 mm
Materials: Vinyl chloride resin; Soft vinyl. Made in China. Produced for Daiso Japan.

Cheap Tablecloths - Daiso Vinyl Tablecloth

This Vinyl Tablecloth can withstand up to 60 degree Celsius. Do not place hot object directly on top. When soiled, wipe off immediately. It may form a spot if left for a long time. When severely soiled, wipe clean with neutral detergent tinned with lukewarm water. Do not apply thinner or other volatile fluids. If the odor is strong when first opened, air out in a cool dry location with good ventilation for 24 hours. Do not place directly on furniture with varnish or vinyl chloride type print. If placing on these type of surfaces, always place a piece of cloth in between. If you wish to get rid of the lines formed from folding, heat with warm air. Do not place directly near open flames. Do not use in uses other than intended on the products design. When discarding, make sure to follow local disposal regulations.

Daiso Industries Co., LTD.
1-4-14 Saijyo Yoshiyukihigashi,
Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8501, Japan.

Tablecloth in Korean = 테이블 클로스

The limited time

Almost 3 am in the morning, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am listening to music. An ex-colleague of my aunt is not responding to cancer treatment. In fact, he is deteriorating and the worse part is he was only diagnosed with cancer just after he retired. Wondering how many things we can do within the limited time. Wondering how far we can go when we are still young. Will you still do the things you are doing right now? My answer is definitely yes. Time is precious. Do not waste it on unimportant things and stop longing for something better and go make it happen. “It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.” – Annie Gottlier