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Patpong Night Market

Where to Shop at Night in Bangkok? Patpong Night Market. We found nothing interesting there because it looks exactly like our “Petaling Street”. However, it is one of the ‘must’ night shopping destinations for avid shoppers. That area is known as Silom, which I went for Songkran Water Festival. I’ve been here in Bangkok a month already. Time flies. I feel sad as the date of leaving will be coming soon. We have decided to go back on the 18 May, and we will buy the plane tickets later. I feel sad leaving those people whom I greet everyday even though it’s just a simple hello, they mean a lot to me. They gave me hopes indirectly. Seeing them work tirelessly, happily gave me strength and I found the meaning of life again. “I will never change. But I’ll never stay the same either.” I want to be a better person. I feel something has changed – my soul – every day, in every way.

How to go Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market

Bangkok Skytrain Map Sala Daeng

BTS SkyTrain Silom Line and get off at Sala Daeng (S2), Exit 1. Patpong Night Market is often the first and easiest stop for many tourists just arriving to Bangkok.

Patpong Go Go Bars

Patpong is also known for as one of the most famous red-light districts (Thailand’s Go-Go culture). There are many neon-lit strip bars offering naughty shows and the famous pole-dancing entertainment. We’re not interested in that either.

What else around Patpong Night Market (Sala Daeng BTS Station)?

Sala Daeng BTS Station

Silom Complex, Exit 4
Lumphini Park, Exit 5

Something very funny happened just now. I went out for lunch and when I came back, one of the securities talked to me. He always talks to me but I couldn’t understand him. So, I said “chan poot tai mai dai = I cannot speak Thai” to him just now and he answered, “pom rak khun na = I love you”. I was shocked and I just smiled as if I couldn’t understand it and I walked away. I feel like slapping myself now, I should have either reply politely “khob khun ka = Thank You” or jokingly “chan rak ter mak mak mak mak tee suk = I love you very very very much too”. I know you must be very shocked that I could speak and understand Thai. Yes I did, but just a little bit only. I’ve never learned it formally. Just pick up from Lakorn (Thai drama) and from listening to others. When I don’t understand a word, I ask my lovely cute third brother. That’s why my Thai has improved a lot.