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BIA Skin Analyzer

BIA Skin Analyzer analyzes the moisture and oil content of your skin at the touch of a button. Without water, people cannot survive. Our skin needs enough moisture to maintain the normal function in order to keep the skin healthy, we must know and renew the moisture of skin at any time. BIA Skin Analyzer uses the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to immediately and automatically detect the factors affecting the skin conditions, such as moisture, oil, softness and displays the result on the LCD screen with convenient graphical illustration and description for the user to understand. Normally, the food, health, condition, lifestyle and external environment are used to affect our skin conditions.

What is BIA?

BIA is the abbreviation for Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which employs bioimpedance as the measuring theory (impedance belongs to one of the resistances in which, the non-conductor effect is also involved) to determine the percentage of Fat-free Mass (body liquid and electrolyte) and fat mass (fat does not contain water) in our body tissues.

BIA Skin Analyzer Review

BIA Skin Analyzer

Would you buy a skin analyzer that analyzes your skin moisture content? I always wonder how moisture my skin is so I bought this little BIA Skin Analyzer from eBay to test it out; to see if there is any improvement to my daily skin care regimen. I bought it on 4 July from a China seller (tomorrowhome) for AUD $6 with free shipping and I received it on 31 July, about 4 weeks. This Skin Moisture Analyzer adopts technique of analyzing biologic-electricity resistance, with digital display, accurate and easy to read. The shape of this product is made according to the body engineering design, small and easy to carry and use. This product can analyze not only skin moisture content, but also skin oil and softness coefficients. It is suitable for outdoor demonstrations, skin care consultants and personal use as well. It will bring you convenience and unimaginable surprise.


1. Single key operation
2. Easy-to-read LCD display pattern (with backlight source)
3. Anti-slip human engineering design
4. Ergonomic design for comfortable handholding
5. Covering-type design
6. CR 2032 lithlum, battery is used
7. Low-voltage display

When your skin becomes dehydrated, you develop fine lines and wrinkles, and you become prematurely aged. In order to keep your skin healthy, you must know the moisture and oil content of our skin and determine what you can do to achieve an optimum balance. Achieving an optimum moisture and oil balance will result in a youthful glow to your skin. Air conditioning can rapidly dehydrate the surface of our skin. The BIA Skin Analyzer will help you in determining what is occurring in your skin at any time. It will also give you a first-hand idea of the facial products which are benefiting your skin.

BIA Skin Analyzer Review

Ensure your skin is clean, dry and free of moisturizers or skin care products. Remove the cap of the skin analyzer, where you will see two metal probes. Press the button and place the probes on your skin and apply gentle pressure to ensure they are in full contact with the skin. You will feel no pain and there is no penetration to your skin. After a few seconds a “beep” will emit, indicating that the testing is complete. Remove the analyzer and you can read and interpret the results. The graph will show moisture, oil and roughness/softness read outs. They will range from a “0” (neutral) reading to -5 or +5, providing an easy to read result, highlighting the areas needing assistance on your face. I tested it by putting it on my skin which is free of moisturizer. Then I put some moisturizer on the same spot and tested it again. My moisture level increased 4 points, oiliness stayed the same, and softness increased 4 points too.


– Easy to use
– User-friendly
– Affordable

If you are looking for a simple device to check your skin condition, this little device will satisfy you. I would say the results are fairly accurate in a general sense. Using the BIA Skin analyzer, you can effectively determine whether your skin regimen is working for your skin type, and you can determine whether you need to take extra care in specific situations. For examples, working in air conditioned environments, low humidity or high humidity weather conditions etc. Never has it been easier to determine the health and wellbeing of your skin, such simple steps to ensure your youthful and beautiful skin. However, it could not give you the big picture of your skin; you will not be able to see the actual condition of your skin. In order to know my skin better, I ordered a USB Microscope Skin Analyzer from eBay on 23 July, which is much more expensive than the BIA. I will write a review about it soon.

BIA Skin Analyzer eBay

BIA Skin Analyzer eBay

Color: White and pink
Battery: 1 CR2025 battery
Item size: 13.7 x 3.3 x 2 cm
Item weight: 31g
Package size: 20.5 x 8.5 x 4 cm
Package weight: 75g

BIA Skin Analyzer Manual

The BIA analyzer comes with a Chinese/English user manual. Please read the instructions carefully, so as to use the product probably.

Analyzing standards

Water content The standard value of moisture content is the middle square, increasing right-wards and decreasing left-wards.
Oil content The standard value of oil content is the middle square, increasing right-wards and decreasing left-wards.
Skin softness or roughness The standard value of skin softness is the middle square, soft increasing right-wards and rough decreasing left-wards.


1. Display moisture content
2. Display oil content
3. Display softness level
4. Backlight LCD
5. Display result in 6 seconds


1. When battery is installed, the system will enter full-screen status with the “DI” sound, and then enter “off” status.

2. Remove the cap, and two probes can be seen. Press the starting button, the LCD lights, and the system runs self-testing automatically. At this time, the item indicating squares visualize from the middle to the both sides in proper order. After self-testing, the system will show the testing is in order with the sound, and then the “DI” analyzing can begin.

3. When the system is on stand-by, all the indicating squares flash at the same time. At this time put the probes on the skin pointed to the skin area to be analyzed and give a little pressure to make them fully contacted.

4. After 4 seconds, the system will show the analyzing is finished with the “DI” sound, and the analyzer can be removed. At this time, at the lower part of the LCD, “OK” will appear, and after about 2 seconds of stable showing, the analyzing result can be read.

5. If the two probes are not in contact or not in full contact with the skin, or in contact with thick hair or other non-skin objects, the system will be on stand-by. And the system will show “ERROR”, when there is no full contact with the skin within 4 seconds.

6. When no key is pressed in result-displaying status, the system will enter “OFF” status automatically. It needs 25 seconds to analyzing once, that is, from pressing the starting button, to stand-by, result displaying and to automatic “OFF” status.

7. Please use a piece of cotton with alcohol or soft paper tissue to wipe the probes to keep them clean and put on the cap to avoid system starting by mistake.

8. It is suggested to use the analyzer 15-20 minutes after cleaning the skin, since at this time there is no sweat, dust and others on the skin, so the result will be closer to the actual condition of the skin.

Replacement of Battery:

This product uses one piece of CR2025X3V lithium battery, the lifetime of which will be more than one year, if used twice a day on average.

When electric consumption is too low, display screens are in full display and flickering, it is unable to work normally. So please change the battery in time, the detailed replacing method is as follows:

A: Left hand hole the left end of fuselage, the thumb of right hand press the left end of battery cover and outwards, thus open the battery cover.

B: The thumb of left hand put down gently on the battery, right hand use the end of toothpick or nonmetal stick equal to its thickness to insert the semi-circular hole of the right end of battery groove and prize upwards, can take out the battery.

C: Lay the side of new battery askew on the down position of left end anode of battery groove. Then press the right end of battery downwards, make it blocked in the groove. Please pay attention the “+” symbol of battery face upward.

D: Aim at the position of the battery cover, and push the battery cover levelly, namely finish installation.


1. Must not lay in the place of extra high-temperature environment and sunshine irradiates directly, and please keep away from fire resource.

2. Must not immerge or dip in any liquid.

3. Avoid drastic shaking, dropping down or breaking the fuselage by yourself.

4. Please often use wet cloth to wipe and keep the appearance in new look, must not clean by strong chemicals, cleaning solvent or strong cleanser.

5. Operating temperature 10-40 degree Celsius; storage temperature -20-60 degree Celsius.

6. Users of pacemakers.