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How to make Magnum Ice Cream

How to make Magnum ice cream? I still remember the day I made my own Magnum ice cream at Magnum Café Bangkok. I was so happy, I was happier than the birthday girl (my sister). Ice cream always makes me happy. I will not deny it; I am a big fan of Magnum. It has always been one of my favourite ice cream treats. I did not know that there is a Magnum Café in Siam Center where you could dine with your loved one and make your own Magnum ice cream. I just happened to be there, lucky!

How to make your own Magnum ice cream

How to make Magnum Ice Cream

Four simple steps to make your own Magnum Ice Cream (Make My Magnum – MMM).

1. Coat it. In the finest Magnum chocolate – Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate.
2. Top it. Taking your choice for 3 toppings – The Classic, The Special, The Exotic.
3. Drizzle it. Select your favourite sauce – White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate.
4. Share it and enjoy. Share your Magnum with friends online and enjoy your very own Magnum.

For take away, you may get the form from the take away counter. Fill in your name and telephone number. Tick your choices. Pay at the counter and wait for a while. 80 Baht for three toppings. Extra toppings 15 Baht.

How to make Magnum Ice Cream

How to make Magnum Ice Cream

How to make Magnum Ice Cream

I. Coat it.

– Milk chocolate
– Dark chocolate

II. Top it.

– Pistachio nut
– Popcorn
– Pink heart
– Silver candy balls
– Sprinkles
– White chocolate
– Roasted peanut
– Dried coconut
– Cornflakes
– Brownie
– Mint candy
– Red velvet cake crumbs
– Candied orange
– Marshmallow
– Popping candy
– Dried blueberry
– Dried cherry
– Chilli flakes
– Sea salt

III. Drizzle it

– Dark chocolate
– Milk chocolate
– White chocolate

IV. Share it and Enjoy it.

Lazy to think? Do not know what to choose? Just pick one from the recommended dipping menu, 80 Baht each:

Make My Magnum Ice Cream

Sweet Cherry
Dip: Magnum dark chocolate
Topping: Pop corn + dried cherry
Drizzle: White chocolate

Night and Day
Dip: Magnum milk chocolate
Topping: Brownie + white chocolate chip
Drizzle: White chocolate

Mint Crunch
Dip: Magnum Milk Chocolate
Topping: Red Velvet Crumble + mint candy + silver candy ball

Sticky and Chewy
Dip: Magnum milk chocolate
Topping: Brownie + Pistachio nut + Marshmallow

Magnum Café – Where fantasy come to life

Magnum Café

Magnum Café

Magnum Café

Once upon a time in a far far away land, magical creatures and pleasure seekers will come together in one perfect night, a night where all your pleasure fantasies will come to life. Attention pleasure seekers, YOU, as Magnum Royalties are invited to join the ‘Magnum Café’, where the secret of a new Magnum will be revealed. Keep calm and have a Magnum.

Where can I buy Magnum ice cream:

123-124 1st Floor, Siam Center. BTS SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and get off at Siam Station. Siam Center is link to Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Tower, Madame Tussauds and Ice Planet.

Happiness is a cup of coffee and Magnum. Try new Magnum Three coffee inspired menus:

Magnum Coffee inspired Menus

1. The cappuccino party set
2. Coconut cappuccino
3. Bubblebee coffee

Anything is good if it is made from chocolate. I hope you like this entry as I really love Magnum ice cream. This is my special Magnum ice cream – Coated with dark chocolate; Topped with white chocolate chips, brownie and red velvet cake crumbs; Drizzled with milk chocolate. Make your own Magnum ice cream at Magnum Café Bangkok.

Magnum Ice Cream