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Chatuchak (or Jatujak Market/ JJ Market)

5 April 2013, Friday, Bangkok, cloudy 40 °C, the humidity is unbearable. Sister and I went to Chatuchak market this morning. We planned to go Victory Monument in the evening since both places are quite near to each other. However, we returned to our hotel in the afternoon. We didn’t manage to go Victory Monument because it was too hot and we couldn’t breathe well under the sun. Both of us drank 5 bottles of water in two hours!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak Toilet Service

1 in 1000 places to see before you die.

Chatuchak market opening times:

Wednesday and Thursday (Plants & Flowers) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm
Friday (Wholesale day) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday (Miscellaneous) 6.00 am – 6.00 pm

How to go Chatuchak market

Bangkok Skytrain Map Mo Chit

  • BTS get off at Mo Chit Station (N8), Exit 1
  • MRT get off at Kamphaen Petch Station, Exit 1
  • MRT get off at Chatuchak Park Station, Exit 1 and 2

Chatuchak market is divided into 27 Sections as follow:

Chatuchak Market Map

1: Miscellaneous and second hand clothes
2: Trees and home furniture
3: Trees and accessories
4: Home furniture
5: Handicrafts and miscellaneous
6: Pets and animals accessories
7: Trees and gardening equipment
8: Arts and crafts, clothing and wickerwork
9: Pets and wickerwork
10: Handicrafts, clothing and miscellaneous
11: Wickerwork and ceramic
12: Dried food, hiking equipment and clothing
13: Pets and animals accessories
14: Clothing, hiking equipment and leather
15: Food and drink, clothing and miscellaneous
16: Food and drink, clothing and miscellaneous
17: Food and drink, ceramic and furniture
18: Clothing, food and drink
19: Dried food, gift and benjarong
20: Clothing, gift and hiking equipment
21: Clothing, shoes and miscellaneous
22: Food and drink, clothing and miscellaneous
23: Food and drink, clothing and miscellaneous
24: Trees and agricultural equipment
25: Handicrafts, antiques and collectables
26: Antiques, dried food and clothing
27: Food and drink, book and miscellaneous

Get your Chatuchak Market Map at the entrance there, ask from the guard.
There is a very nice Coconut Ice Cream stall found around section 2, main road.

What else around Chatuchak Market?

Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park

– The Marketing Organization for Farmers (MOF), Exit 1
– Department of Land Transport, Exit 2
– Civil Aviation Training Center, Exit 2
– MRT, Exit 1, 2
– Chatuchak Park, Exit 3
– Central Dept, Major Cineplex, SCB Park, Exit 3
– Thai Military (Head Office), Exit 4

Thai Noodles Stall

There is a nice chicken or pork noodles stall near the Mo Chit BTS station.
Exit 1, turn right at the first junction and you’ll see it, 50 baht per bowl.
Walk a little bit more you will reach Gate 2 of the Chatuchak market.

Thai Pork Noodles
Thai Pork Noodles
Thai Pork Noodles

Wait, Chatuchak is a weekend market! Why we go on Friday? It’s simple, because we’ve never been there on Friday, lol. Though Friday is a wholesale day, it’s not happening at all. Most shops are closed. So, don’t go Chatuchak market on weekdays!